The cost of the Kerch bridge project exceeded 300 billion rubles

This amount includes the costs of the bridge itself and its approaches.
The Government continues to distribute contracts without competition for the project of Kerch bridge, according to the documents published on the website of the White House. In total, the new contracts to be signed with the only performers amount to 29.4 billion rubles.

The train approach from the Crimea to be build by "Stroygazmontazh" owned Arkady Rotenberg, who will also build the bridge itself for 223 billion rubles. The consequent contract he received after the failure of the three tenders for the contractor: there were no competitors. The last competition Roszheldor had to declar invalid in January. Now "Stroygazmontazh" will build a 18 km railway, which will be adjacent to the site of Kerch - Dzhankoi, 40 buildings, 29 facilities and a tunnel. Appointment of "Stroygazmontazh" as the executor of works will make it possible to complete the construction of the railway approaches simultaneously with the construction of the bridge, says the government. Start-up of the railway is expected on December 1, 2019

Another contract, for security entrances to the bridge, must be concluded by Roszheldor with the Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Management of departmental security Ministry of Transport." The company was created in 2002 for the protection of objects of the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry says in a statement. The FSUE has nine branches and more than 800 objects under protection.

The same Federal State Unitary Enterprise will be responsible for the security of the entire bridge and two road approaches to it. We are talking about setting fence systems, inspection, video surveillance and video recording, integrated communication and alarm systems, fire alarm systems, public address and evacuation management, water protection near the bridge, the management of security systems, lists the representative of PKU "Uprdor" Taman (must conclude this contract).

Bridge Contractors

Previously, "Stroygazmontazh" never build a single bridge, it is the largest contractor of "Gazprom" for the construction of gas pipelines. However, most of the work (96 billion rubles) will be performed by Mostotrest, Russia's largest contractor for the construction of bridges. Kerch bridge is insured by a little-known Crimean First Insurance Company, which received the prize of 1 billion rubles.

The project cost is not increased, stressed the representative of the Vice Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak, as these amounts have been provided in the federal target program for the development of the Crimea.

The 19-kilometer bridge will connect the Kerch Crimea and the Taman Peninsula. It consists of a four-lane road bridge and two railway lines. In view of the main contract with "Stroygazmontazh" new contracts and cost of the project, according to estimates of "Vedomosti", will exceed 300 billion rubles, including road and rail approaches.

Most contracts appeared on The contract for the construction of the bridge for 223 billion rubles was signed in March 2015: "Stroygazmontazh" got it, too, without competition by the order of Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. Another 4.78 billion rubles is the expenditures of the government customer (building control, supervision, purchasing and design for permanent use of land, as well as incidental expenses).113 billion rubles have been already spent. The cost of the bridge itself does not grow, on the contrary, after the project was checked by the state experts, it fell by 380 million rubles.

Railway Approach from Taman is being build by Russian Railways, in November 2014 the government appointed the company the sole executor of works. The site of public procurement in government customer PKU "Rostransmodernizatsiya" has at least four contracts with Russian Railways, as well as with companies, which are responsible for architectural and construction project control and power supply (all together worth more than 30 billion rubles).

It is not necessary to combine the construction cost of the bridge with the cost of the approach, they are different contracts, insists a representative of Kozak. The representative of the Ministry of Transport did not reply to a request from Vedomosti.

Contractors who would be able to implement such large-scale projects, in principle, are few, even in Moscow the authorities struggle to find them, and the Kerch Bridge is a political project with harsh deadlines, so the government does not want to take the risks, and assigns the only performers, says Project Manager of Infrastructure NEO Centre Yevgeny Mazur. When there was an initial discussion of the project, the experts of "Avtodor" talked about 380 billion rubles, he recalls, but they were rough estimates. Therefore, the sum of 300 billion rubles, will probably continue to grow and it would be lucky if the total project cost was within 400 billion rubles, he says.