The court arrested the assets of the brothers Ananyevs

Through Promsvyaz Capital BV, which owns the arrested companies, the Ananjev brothers controlled the PSB and Vozrozhdenie Bank.
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Promsvyazbank secured the seizure of assets and funds on the accounts of companies owned by its former owners, brothers Alexei and Dmitry Ananyev. Under the arrest were 13.4 billion rubles and $ 83.2 million on the accounts of Peters International Investment in Rosbank and the Cyprus branch of Promsvyazbank. This is stated in the ruling of the Moscow Arbitration Court. Also, the companies Premium Communications, Promsvyazregion, and Regionionvest, owned by Promsvyaz Capital B.V. (through this structure Ananyev was controlled by Promsvyazbank and Bank Vozrozhdenie), and shares in the mining and chemical company BOR.

The suit against these companies (as well as eight more off-shore entities) Promsvyazbank, managed by the interim administration, filed January 29. The bank is trying to challenge the deals made on December 14 - the day before the announcement of its readjustment. Then Promsvyaz Capital B.V. Promsvyazbank sold its own shares. Now the bank is trying to recognize these transactions as invalid and return 32 billion rubles and $ 505 million. Earlier, on this suit, the court arrested 38.1% of the shares of Bank Vozrozhdenie, owned by four more offshore companies-defendants. Also, the court seized 60.8 billion rubles on the accounts of Fintailor Investments Ananyev in the Cyprus branch of Promsvyazbank, but then, at the request of the company, canceled the arrest.

Transactions with Promsvyazbank's shares are checked not only by arbitration, the interim administration sent a request to the Prosecutor General's Office in late December, asking also to deal with the disappearance of the bank's credit records before the reorganization. The preliminary hearing is scheduled for April 24.

Ananiev and they themselves are trying to sue the Central Bank: in mid-February, their Promsvyaz Capital B.V. filed lawsuits against the Bank of Russia, demanding that his actions be declared null and void. They will be considered on March 14.

However, the fact that the former owners of Promsvyazbank act in a coordinated manner do not have to talk. At the beginning of the week, Alexey Ananyev publicly distanced himself from his brother (at least in business matters) saying that they decided to divide up the assets: according to him, he still had "Technoserv", and Dmitry Ananyev - financial and development business. "After the Central Bank introduced an interim administration to Promsvyazbank, I considered that it would be right if each of us becomes engaged in its assets - those that historically managed," he explained. Dmitry Ananiev as early as the end of December, a week before the appeal of the temporary administration to the prosecutor's office, left Russia.

The division of assets also means that both businessmen will leave the list of dollar billionaires Forbes, and possibly, as in the Top 200 of the richest people in Russia.