The court arrested the castle of the former head of Bank of Moscow in the UK

The court arrested the estate with a castle belonging to the ex-president of Bank of Moscow, Andrey Borodin. Investigators believe that it was purchased for ₤140 million stolen from the bank. The castle is considered the most expensive house in Britain outside London.
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Tverskoy District Court granted the petition of the investigation and arrested the estate Park Place with lock in Oxfordshire, owned by the former head of Bank of Moscow Andrey Borodin, reports "Kommersant". According to investigators, the property you Borodin bought five years ago for ₤ 140 million, was purchased by them with funds illegally withdrawn from the Bank of Moscow. At the time of purchase Borodin and former first vice-president of the bank Dmitry Akulinin were already involved in the case of fraud on a large scale.

Arrested Russian court considered the most expensive real estate UK house outside London, the newspaper notes. The estate includes two golf courses, a monument, stables and a house with three dozen bedrooms. The territory of the estate of 80 hectares, it is located on a 300-year old castle, which formerly belonged to Frederick Prince of Wales, then the Greek billionaire John Latsis. In 2007 the estate acquired developer Michael Spink.

The Court considered that the Bank of Moscow recognized injured party in a criminal case against Borodin, with the help of the estate can count on pogAshen at least part of the damage to him by former President of damage, which is estimated to have 62 billion rubles.

Lawyer Mikhail Borodin Dolomanov learned about the decision of the Tverskoy District Court of the correspondent of "Kommersant" and said that "no legal basis for its adoption was not." The charges against the former head of Bank of Moscow lawyer called unproven and "absurd." He believes that "procedural irregularities" were committed in making decisions.

"Suffice it to say that, according to previously obtained my official documents, the criminal investigation against Mr Borodin was suspended. On the resumption of the investigation of this protection is not notified ", - said Mr. Dolomanov. The decision whether or not to appeal against the arrest of the estate, he will once gain access to court documents.

According to the publication, the decision on the estate Park Place - not the first arrest of property in the case of embezzlement of the Bank of Moscow. In October 2012, Mr. Borodin's property was seized more than $ 400 million: funds on its accounts in Swiss banks, zemYelnia plots, unfinished construction, exclusive cars and about 8 million shares of the bank worth more than 8 billion rubles.

In November 2013, Borodin and his deputy Dmitry Akulinin were charged with money laundering of criminal proceeds (p.4 st.174.1 of the Criminal Code). In July 2014 the investigation found all those involved in the theft of bank funds and put forward Borodin and Akulinin new charge - in the theft.

Borodin, Akulinin, vice-president of the bank Aleksey Sitnikov and Konstantin Salnikov were accused of embezzlement committed by an organized group on an especially large scale (part 4 of article 160 of the Criminal Code). Head of one of the offices of the bank Dmitry Stroganov and ex-head of the banking support Alla Averin was accused of complicity in the theft. Crime, as previously reported by the public prosecution has been committed by illegal transactions with foreign currency, and the funds were transferred to accounts controlled by the former management of the bank's businesses.

Earlier, the court sentenced him to five years in prison the former head of the company "Premier Estate" Svetlana Timonin, Was found guilty of embezzlement of Bank of Moscow loan of 12 billion rubles. Konstantin Salnikov and Alla Averina were sentenced to four and a half and four years' imprisonment respectively. They were found guilty of embezzling bank funds amounting to more than 1 billion rubles. as part of a criminal group, headed by Borodin.

Now Borodin and Akulinin hiding abroad and the international wanted list. In 2013, Borodin said that he had received political asylum in Britain. Sam banker believes that the prosecution against him is politically motivated.