The court began the procedure of bankruptcy "VIM-Avia"

The owners of the airline, Rashid and Svetlana Mursekayev, who fled Russia, can only observe this.
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The airline promised to pay back the debt of 3.7 million rubles at the expense of tax deductions requested by the tax inspectorate for VAT of 300 million rubles

The Arbitration Court of Tatarstan satisfied the application of Ulyanovsk's Spektr-Avia JSC and introduced the initial bankruptcy procedure against VIM-Avia, an observation.

"Introduce a bankruptcy procedure in respect of VIM-Avia - supervision," the judge read out his decision. He appointed the next meeting on the bankruptcy case of VIM-Avia on June 14, 2018.

On January 13, the court reviewed the claim of Spectrum-Avia JSC from the Ulyanovsk region, which was filed on November 21, 2017 with the claims amounting to 3.7 million rubles. Later, the right of claim was assigned to OOO RNGO.

Simultaneously with the Ulyanovsk company, the claim for bankruptcy of VIM-Avia was filed by another creditor, Rossiyskiy Kredit Bank, represented by the Deposit Insurance Agency. The amount of claims is 72.77 million rubles.

The bank's statement of claim will be considered after verification of the first applicant's claims. In this case, the bank itself "Russian Credit" lost its license in July 2015, in October of the same year it was declared bankrupt.

At a court hearing on February 13, the debtor's representative asked for additional time to pay off the debt of 3.7 million rubles. As evidence, he submitted to the court documents submitted to the tax inspection for the receipt of more than 300 million rubles tax deductions for VAT and excise taxes. But the agency has not responded yet and a representative of VIM-Avia has petitioned to postpone the trial for another month. "We have a desire to save the company," the airline representative said.

The court rejected this motion, considering that the time for payment was sufficient. At the previous meeting - on February 7 - a representative of VIM-Avia also announced the readiness of the airline to pay back debts to Spektr Avia in the amount of 3.7 million rubles. The court then granted VIM-Avia five days to pay off the debt. But the debt was not paid.
Criminal cases "VIM-Avia"

At the end of the summer of 2017, VIM-Avia was the 10th airline of Russia for transported passengers (slightly more than 1.8 million people were transported in January-August). Compared to the same period in 2016, the number of passengers transferred by VIM-Avia increased by 31%. The average occupancy rate of passenger seats was 76.1%. In terms of freight and mail, the airline ranked 11th in the country (11 700 tons).

The airline's revenue in 2016 amounted to 17.2 billion rubles (an increase of 38% compared with 2015), net profit - 89.1 million rubles (a decrease of 5.7 times). Total accounts payable VIM-Avia, according to Rosaviation, reached 10 billion rubles, of which about 7 billion rubles - debts to credit organizations, lessors, airports and fuel-filling complexes.

September 23, 2017 began a massive cancellation of VIM-Avia flights because of debts for services, fuel, airport and ground support for flights. September 25, 2017 Rosaviatsiya said that the airline "VIM-Avia" stops the implementation of all charter flights. By that time, debts for the payment of wages in the airline "VIM-Avia" exceeded 206 million rubles.

Two criminal cases were brought against the airline. The first - on September 25 - was initiated by the Investigative Committee of Russia on part 4 of Article 159 of the Criminal Code of Russia (fraud in a particularly large amount) - on the theft of passengers' money by airline officials. The general director of "VIM-Avia" Alexander Kochnev and the chief accountant of the airline Ekaterina Pavlovskaya were detained.

Co-owners of VIM-Avia Svetlana Mursekayeva (99%) and her husband Rashid (1%) left Russia. Both of them are wanted. According to Interfax sources, Mursekayevs can be in Turkey

On October 17, the Privolzhsky Investigation Department on the transport of the TFR initiated another criminal case - on the fact of the deliberate bankruptcy of VIM-Avia.

October 15, 2017, the airline VIM-Avia completed its active flight operations of the carrier. Later, the head of the Ministry of Transport, Maxim Sokolov, announced that the validity of the airline certificate was suspended.

Lawsuits and Courts

On November 8, 2017, the Moscow Arbitration Court granted the petition of Avangard Bank, whose shareholder and president is Kirill Minovalov (No. 132 in the list of 200 richest businessmen of Russia Forbes, a fortune of $ 800 million), and seized VIM-Avia's property.

The claim for recovery of debt from the airline VIM-Avia in the amount of 130.6 million rubles went to court on November 7, 2017. On November 8 it was accepted for production. On the same day, the court decided on the adoption of interim measures. "To seize the property belonging to VIM-Avia Airlines Ltd., located at the address: Moscow region, Domodedovo airport," the court document says.

As Forbes found out, Avangard Bank credited VIM-Avia for almost 15 years. The very first VIM-Avia aircraft were purchased in due time by leasing through the Avangard-Leasing company.

On February 12, 2018, the Arbitration Court of the Moscow Region satisfied the suit of Domodedovo Commercial Service LLC against VIM-Avia airline for 550.8 million rubles. The court ordered the relevant lawsuit on November 14, 2017.

At the end of September 2017, Domodedovo refused to serve VIM-Avia flights because of a debt exceeding 500 million rubles.

The total debt of VIM-Avia to banks and counterparties reaches 10 billion rubles.