The court declined the request of Jugra Bank

It refused to involve the Prosecutor General's Office in the suit of Jugra Bank against the Central Bank and consider the bank's rescue plan.
On August 15, a preliminary meeting of the Moscow Arbitration Court was held on the suit of Yugra Bank against the Central Bank. The plaintiff demands that the regulator's decisions on the introduction of the temporary administration in the bank and the moratorium on satisfying the claims of its creditors be invalidated.

The merits of the claim will commence on 19 September. At the preliminary hearing, the court denied the representative of Ugra in both of the petitions submitted - on involving the Prosecutor General's Office as a third party and on providing the court with a rescue plan for the bank.

The representative of "Ugra" motivated the necessity of attracting the Prosecutor General's Office by the fact that she "protested the actions of the Central Bank," and transferred his words to Interfax. The judge refused to satisfy the motion, adding that "the Prosecutor General's Office is not deprived of the opportunity to take part in the case."

Investors took their own

Yugra ranked 29th in terms of assets (334.7 billion rubles as of July 1). Bank's depositors as of August 7 received 147.5 billion rubles, which is 85% of the total amount of insurance claims, the DIA reported.

The second petition of the representative of Yugra asked representatives of the Central Bank and the Deposit Insurance Agency to provide the court with a rescue plan for the bank that was prepared before the introduction of the interim administration: such a plan can only be obtained through a court request. "We have suspicions that the plan was approved formally within a few hours or was not approved at all. We want to see what the plan is, "said a representative of Ugra. The representative of the Central Bank refused to provide documents, the court rejected the petition.

Former predpravleniya Bank Yugra Dmitry Shilyaev filed a lawsuit against the Central Bank on July 24, trying to challenge the entry into the bank on July 10, the provisional administration. He applied after the regulator turned down the protest of the Prosecutor General's Office. She demanded to cancel the moratorium and the introduction of the interim administration, arguing that the regulator did not provide the bank with a rescue plan before the administration. The plan was with the regulator, however, the Central Bank has no obligation to direct the plan to the bank, Vedomosti pointed out two sources close to the supervisory block of the Central Bank.

18 days after the introduction of the administration, on July 28, the Central Bank announced the revocation of the license from the bank. Negative capital of Yugra on July 22 after the creation of the necessary reserves amounted to 7 billion rubles., Said the representative of the regulator. The bank underestimated the credit risk and incorrectly reflected transactions in the accounts, explained to the Central Bank: "technically" complied with the requirements, creating the required reserves for one loan and dissolving them for others. The regulator also noted loans related to the business projects of the bank's owners, as of July 1 they accounted for almost 90% (152.7 billion rubles - Vedomosti) of the loan portfolio of Yugra.

Given such a beginning, "Yugra" will be difficult, says partner of the law firm "Yukov and Partners" Svetlana Tarnopolskaya. Partner Tertychny Agabalyan Ivan Tertychny, on the contrary, believes that while the forecasts do early. Why "Ugra" needed the Prosecutor General's Office as a third person - it's unclear, Tertychny is perplexed. Tarnopolskaya suggests that the bank wants to give the cause as much publicity as possible - so will the chances of winning.