The court gave General Feoktistov two million dollars

Moscow's Zamoskvoretsky court on Friday granted the request for the return of two million dollars in cash to FSB general Oleg Feoktistov, which Igor Sechin transferred to the former minister of economic development Alexei Ulyukayev as a bribe.
Igor Sechin, the chief executive officer of Rosneft, transferred this money to Ulyukayev in the course of the operational experiment. Feoktistov, who acted as a prosecution witness, personally came to the meeting. The convicted ex-minister participated in the meeting on video communication from the colony.

The issue of the return of money to Feoktistov court is considered in closed session. This was requested by the FSB. "Strongly object, your honor!" - said Ulyukaev, having learned about the request of the special services. The lawyer of the former official Larisa Kashtanova reminded the court that Feoktistov is no longer an employee of the FSB. However, the court took the side of the FSB.

To announce the decision of the correspondents were let into the hall. At the same time the bailiffs lined up in front of the Feoktistov wall, closing it from the camera lenses. "The shooting of the participants in the trial without their consent is prohibited," insisted the prosecutor.

As previously said by Ulyukaev's lawyer Timofey Gridnev, his friend's money was transferred to Feoktistov by Ulyukayev. "According to the testimony of Feoktistov, $ 2 million he took from a friend, a private investor. However, he did not explain to him the reasons, he still does not know what this money was for. He just brought them to Rosneft, "the lawyer explained. Gridnev stressed that a similar attraction of private funds for the operational experiment in the case of ex-head of the GUEBC and Denis Sugrobov was regarded as a crime.

As a result, the court found Feoktistov the owner of $ 2 million and decided to return the cash on the property. The decision was read by Judge Larisa Semenova.

Ulyukaev was detained in the office of Rosneft in November 2016 by FSB officers after the minister received a bag of money from Sechin. The application for extortion by Ulyukaev was bribed by Feoktistov, the head of the security service at Rosneft, at the time.

In mid-April, the Moscow City Court upheld the conviction of Ulyukayev and confirmed the eight-year sentence and a fine of 130.4 million rubles. Ulyukaev does not admit his guilt, he filed a cassation appeal against the verdict. Now the former official is serving a sentence in a colony of strict regime in the Tver region.

After the ex-minister paid the fine that was assigned to him, the defense applied to the court with a motion to remove the arrest from his property. Zamoskvoretsky court will consider it today.

All material evidence in the case, other than cash, namely - the bag in which money was transferred, and the gift basket of Rosneft with sausages and wine, were destroyed.