The curator of the redevelopment of Rosneft decided to resign

One of the curators of the construction of the shipyard "Zvezda", controlled by Rosneft, resigned. This happened after the shipyard terminated contracts with the largest contractor, but Rosneft is assured that they will surrender the facility on time.
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Change of curator

Yury Filchenok, General Director of the Far Eastern Shipbuilding and Ship Repair Center, participated in the construction of the Zvezda shipyard in the Far East, resigned voluntarily, Interfax source said and confirmed to RBC two people close to the shipyard shareholders and a representative of the DCSD.

Filchenok left the company in connection with the transition to another job, Acting CEO appointed his deputy for finance and economics Lyudmila Lifshits, told RBC the representative of the DCSU. A senior source close to Zvezda shareholders told RBC that a "more energetic person" is needed for the project, but there are no serious complaints about Filchenka. There were no substantive comments on the Director General of the DCSs, another source close to the shipyard's shareholders confirmed. According to him, Filchenok is an "excellent production worker", but the construction is "it's not him."

The DCS is controlled by the consortium of Rosneft, Rosneftegaz and Gazprombank Modern Shipbuilding Technology (STS), and also participates in the capital of the Zvezda Distillery (a military plant). Also STS directly owns SSC "Zvezda", which is engaged in the construction of a new civil shipyard near the military plant. The project worth 200 billion rubles. is under the personal control of President Vladimir Putin and must provide Russian companies with ships, tankers and platforms for the development of offshore fields.

Engineer Filchenok was appointed general director of the DCSD in 2014, and before that he headed the Zvezda DWT. In fact, Filchenok remained the curator of the military plant: DTSSS became the managing company of the Zvezda DVZ. In 2016, the DWR actively conducted contests and re-started the contracts already worked out for the construction of the first stage of the civil shipyard (workshops, block hull productions, heavy open-top-up slipways, etc.). And approximately from 2017, SSK "Zvezda" itself began to organize competitions. For example, it was this company that carried out a tender for the construction of the largest and most expensive facility for a shipyard - a dry dock, worth almost 20 billion rubles. It will be built by the Chinese CCCC. The objects of the civil shipyard commissioned by the DWT must be transferred to the balance of the SSC.

Recently, Filchenok participated in the discussion of the construction of a new shipyard only indirectly - "met at headquarters, presented information on connecting and removing communications and other infrastructure," one source told RBC.

Guarantee of Rosneft

At the end of 2017, Filchenok wrote a letter to the vice-president of Rosneft, Andrei Shishkin, supervising the construction site, that a difficult situation with the contractors had developed at Zvezda. "The procurement plan for the construction of the" Star "is broken, the plan for capital investments is not systematically implemented, there is a risk of lagging behind the timing of the project," Shishkin wrote back (a copy of Shishkin's letter is from RBC, its authenticity was confirmed by a person close to Rosneft) and instructed Filchenka to submit a plan for "improving the situation" until January 15, 2018. In addition, the vice-president instructed Filchenka to be sent to the Bolshoi Kamen Bay, where the Zvezda was being built, and to impose personal responsibility for eliminating the problems that the manager himself reported.

Filchenok severed all remaining contracts with the largest Russian contractor "Stars" by CARE, which tore the terms of construction of several objects (KER itself accused of "Star" problems, told RBC sources). KER appeared at the shipyard in 2015 and its first and largest contract for 9 billion rubles. received without a tender, and the next five - another nearly 9 billion rubles. - at tenders in 2016, becoming the largest contractor of the shipyard by the end of the year. Zvezda has already announced contests for all unfinished KER facilities, and the Rosneft press service reported that all works will be completed on time.

On June 2, the construction site was visited by Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Trutnev and the provincial governor of the Primorsky Territory, Andrei Tarasenko. There they were met by Filchenok, Shishkin and the head of the SSK "Zvezda" Sergei Tseluyko. The first stage of the shipyard should be commissioned next year, the second one was expected only in 2024, but, as stated at a meeting with Deputy Prime Minister Shishkin, it will be commissioned four years earlier - in 2020.

The main object of the second stage is the dry dock. SSK has already applied for work permits for more than 800 foreigners - Vietnamese, Filipinos, Chinese, Dutch, Norwegians, etc. They will be attracted to the construction of a dry dock, specified one of the sources of RBC. It is electric and gas, marine cutters, cutter, fitters, painters, crane operators, slingers, riggers and specialists of other professions, which in the Primorye Territory "Star" can not find.

Dismissing Filchenka does not mean that the managing company of the DScS can not cope with the construction project of the "Star", breaks the deadlines, etc., the reasons may be completely different, said NBC's director for development, Nadezhda Malysheva. While the project is being implemented on schedule, she noted.