The Czech Republic refused to extradite the accused under the "tomographic case" to Russia

The Czech authorities rejected the Russian Prosecutor General's Office request for the extradition of businessman Alexander Chekalin, who is accused of fraud in the delivery of medical equipment for public clinics. 
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The sensational criminal case of theft from the budget of about 100 million rubles for deliveries in 2009, medical scanners in hospitals, Komi and Udmurtia suspended indefinitely. The courts of the Czech Plzen Russian Prosecutor General's Office refused to extradite the main accused in the case - former head of "MedKargoLogistika" Alexander Chekalin. According to investigators, the businessman inflated prices paid for imported medical equipment, because of what the budget suffered multimillion-dollar losses.

Businessman accused Chekalin Russia for hours. 4 Art. 159 of the Criminal Code ( "Fraud in a large scale"). Led by "MedKargoLogistika" LLC was one of the Russian official dealers of Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation Japan.

In one of the episodes incriminated Chekalin it comes to delivering on the state contract medical scanners to hospitals in Udmurtia through ZAO "Technointorg." Supplier contract was listed company AB Global Trade Limited. According to investigators, in the supply of equipment businessman inflated its value by 84 million rubles, thus causing damage to the treasury.

In another episode, with the mediation of "MedKargoLogistika" in 2009 in the hospital of Ukhta, Pechora and Vorkuta were delivered four tomography and angiographic complex with a total value of about 200 million rubles. According to the investigation, in which case the price of the equipment were also overstated and the state overpaid 16 million rubles. In this episode accused of negligence was the ex-head of the Main Directorate of Logistics Health Komi Sergey Konchits, but the court acquitted officer last year.

In 2011, Chekalin was out of sight of the investigators. The summer of 2012 he was arrested in the Czech Republic at the request of the Russian authorities. Businessman held in the Czech prison for four months, after which he was released on bail. Soon the Russian Prosecutor General's Office sent a request for extradition Chekalin.

Sources of "News" in the police said that recently the Regional Court of Plzen Russia refused to extradite businessman on the grounds that the decision contained in the investigator's circumstances do not contain signs transgresstions stipulated by the Criminal Code of the Czech Republic.

Chekalin himself obliged to comply with the prescribed conditions and restrictions by the court on movement outside the Czech Republic. The Court must have accurate information about its actual location, to timely deliver correspondence to the court and the prosecutor's office.