The damage from Igor Pinkevich reduced 400 times

Instead of 60 billion rubles of stolen funds and 6 thousand deceived shareholders of the owner of the company, "Nastyusha" will be tried for damages of 150 million rubles and 29 deceived co-investors.
Investigators of the capital's police have completed the investigation of the first criminal case against former head of the Nastusha group of companies Igor Pinkevych. A businessman and his seven alleged accomplices are charged with a particularly large fraud with money co-investors of the unfinished LC Tsaritsyno. Initially, it was about 6 thousand victims, from which about 60 billion rubles were collected and later exported abroad. However, while Mr. Pinkevich and his subordinates want to judge for theft only about 150 million rubles. have 29 equity holders.

According to sources of Kommersant in law enforcement agencies, investigators of the 10th Department of the Moscow Department of Internal Affairs of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Moscow charged the final version of a particularly large fraud (Part 4, Article 159 of the Criminal Code) of the case of the unfinished Tsaritsyno LC, where thousands interest holders lost their savings, and not having received the promised apartments. The figurants of the investigation were the former head of Nastyusha and the member of the Moscow Bread Products Complex, Moscow, 56-year-old Igor Pinkevich, whom the investigation considers the organizer of the fraud, as well as his former subordinates Vladimir Tsurin, Yuri Fedorenko, Alexei Kuzmin, Alexey Kibalyuk, Nina Derevyashkina, Olga Arzamastseva and Anna Bauer.

The criminal case of embezzlement of equity holders was initiated as far back as October 2016, and a year ago investigators detained the suspects. According to "Kommersant", siloviki were found in the hospital where he recovered from several microstrokes, which he suffered after the problems started in the LCD. Initially, it was said that about 6,000 people became victims, and the total amount of damage is up to 60 billion rubles, which Igor Pinkevich and his friends allegedly kidnapped and taken abroad through offshore companies or sent to implement third-party projects. With the sanction of the court, the majority of the accused were sent to SIZO, and lawyer Bauer and accountant Arzamastsev were placed under house arrest.

According to the law, only one year is allocated to the investigation of the fraud case, in which the staff of the State Internal Affairs Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, considering the scope of the proceedings and numerous examinations, did not meet. As a result, eight people were accused of embezzling just over 150 million rubles. 29 victims. The investigation into the remaining episodes was separated into a separate production, which is now conducted without specific accused.

Igor Pinkevich's lawyer Yuri Shirinyan confirmed to Kommersant that the investigation was completed. "We were offered to start getting acquainted with the materials, but for now it is not even clear how many volumes there are, they are just being formed," said the lawyer, noting that his client is in the Sailor's Matrosskaya Tishina, where he does not receive the necessary medical care. He also explained that the ex-head of "Nastyusha" still does not admit his guilt, insisting that all the issues surrounding the Tsaritsyno LC are not in the field of criminal law, but relate exclusively to civil-law relations.

In turn, lawyer Alexey Pershin, representing the interests of Mrs. Arzamastseva, told Kommersant that his client, just a few days ago, the Moscow City Court extended the term of house arrest. The defender stated that he would appeal against this decision, because both the representatives of the investigation and the court admitted a number of frank violations. In particular, according to him, earlier the investigators talked about 50 volumes of the criminal case, but in the court the officer of the Main Department of Internal Affairs of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Moscow said that they were "about 150". "I wanted to ask a clarifying question, but the judge forbade me to do this," said Mr. Pershin. He was also outraged that in his petition the investigator admitted "two mutually exclusive statements", first stating the end of the investigation and almost immediately explaining that the preliminary investigation is still ongoing. In addition, according to the lawyer, the amount of damage caused to Olga Arzamastseva is also unclear: at first it was about the same 150 million rubles, and in the final version of this figure this figure was already excluded.

"The investigation does not know how many volumes or volumes of damage they have," said Alexei Pershin, stressing that, despite this, Anna Bauer and Olga Arzamastseva continue to be held under house arrest, although they only performed other people's orders. According to him, women wear electronic bracelets, and the four-hour walks allowed for them are used for work, since they have not received a salary for about a year.

The construction of Tsaritsyno LCD, consisting of 26 houses with a total area of ​​more than 1 million square meters. m, on the 6th Radial street began in 2006. The HIC has pledged to hand over the facility in two stages (Tsaritsyno -1 and Tsaritsyno -2) in 2012. The developer concluded more than 4 thousand equity agreements, but did not fulfill its obligations to the equity holders. In April and June 2018, the bankruptcy of IHC and Igor Pinkevych were recognized. The Moscow authorities have chosen to complete the construction of the complex owned by the city company Mosotdelstroy number 1, which is scheduled to transfer all the problematic houses that are being completed from the budget of the capital. The mayor's office said that the formation of the register of creditors' claims in the case of bankruptcy of the former developer TsK "Tsaritsyno" is planned to be completed by the end of autumn 2018.