The election campaign of Sergei Sobyanin is sponsored by Alisher Usmanov, Cossacks and motorists

Sergei Sobyanin's fund has already received more than 113 million rubles, of which 60 he managed to spend. Carefully selected "competitors" do not hurry to spend their budgets.
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Mayor of Moscow Sergei Sobyanin, who participates in the election for the post of head of the city (will be held on September 9), has already spent 60.5 million rubles on the campaign. Among the sponsors are non-profit organizations and foundations associated with United Russia and partners of major businessmen, for example, Alisher Usmanov. According to the Moscow City Electoral Committee, Sobyanin's budget is now several times larger than his competitors Mikhail Degtyarev (LDPR), Vadim Kumin (Communist Party of the Russian Federation), Ilya Sviridov ("Fair Russia") and Mikhail Balakin ("Union of Citizens"). Experts point out that "no serious player" who could have defeated Sobyanin was admitted to the election, so the rivals of the incumbent mayor are not inclined to spend large sums on the campaign.

In the electoral fund of the current head of Moscow, Sergei Sobyanin (who participates in the elections as a self-nominated), from June 22 to July 31, 113.7 million rubles were received. As follows from the data of the Central Election Commission, this is 81% of the total funds in the funds of all candidates. Sobyanin has already spent 60.5 million rubles on agitation.

183 thousand rubles in the fund Sobyanin donated a certain citizen, whose name is not specified in the Mosgorizbirkom. Other funds for his campaign were donated by various non-profit organizations. 14 of them were transferred to the fund of the incumbent head of Moscow for 7.5 million rubles. Let's name these organizations.

Among the sponsors of Sergei Sobyanin was the ANO "Center for Monitoring Industry Development", which, submitted to the official site, is engaged in the organization of professional training for students, the development of a set of measures to stimulate higher labor productivity and support of local producers. The center is headed by the ex-head of "Business Russia" Ilya Semin.

Also, Sobyanin's 7,5 million rubles were transferred to the "Center for Assistance in the Implementation of Social and Economic Programs" organization. According to SPARK, she is engaged in leasing and leasing of cars and light vehicles. The head of the CECESEP is Vasily Osipov, who also leads the civil university of United Russia.

Another sponsor is the Moscow City Fund for Support of Regional Cooperation and Development. He belongs to Alexander Gridnevsky (head of the United Russia Public Foundation), to Yuri Karabasov (together with Alisher Usmanov is owned by Intellectual Resources) and to the Interregional Public Fund for United Russia support, which, in turn, sponsored the Sobyanin election fund.

NGO "Foundation for Development of Social Responsibility" Mitakom ", according to the SPARK database, is a Cossack community included in the all-Russian registry. The well-known journalist Mikhail Taratuta owns the NGO.

All-Russian public organization of motor sport "Russian Automobile Federation" (RAF). The RAF regularly won contracts for various types of organizational work on "Formula-1" in Sochi from 2015 to 2017, receiving 155 million rubles from the Department of Property Relations of the Krasnodar Territory in two years. It should be noted that the RAF is headed by Viktor Kiryanov, who is a member of the board of directors of JSC Federal Freight Company, which is 100% owned by Russian Railways.

Union of metropolitan polygraphists. The owner of this union, according to SPARK, is the company Moscow Textbooks JSC (24.5% owned by the Moscow Property Management Committee), as well as its two subsidiaries: Moscow Book House CJSC and Moscow Packing Center JSC. The beneficiary of the "Moscow textbooks" is businessman Semen Linovich, who is called "the main supplier of textbooks" under the ex-mayor of Moscow Yuri Luzhkov. Linovich and Luzhkov at one time even wrote a joint book "People's art crafts of Russia." Daughter Linovich - Eugene and Irina - famous secular lionesses of Moscow hangouts, co-owners of the brand of clothing Masterpeace. Sisters Linovich are friends with many singers and actors, who agitate in their Instagram profiles for candidate Sergei Sobyanin.

The National Projects XXI Century Foundation. The main activity of the fund is the publication of books, SPARK said. It is interesting that this fund through one company belongs to the Federation of Trade Unions of the Sverdlovsk Region. This federation, we note, is headed by a member of the party "United Russia", State Duma deputy Andrei Vetluzhskikh.

The National Center for Monitoring the Scientific and Technical Revolutionary Fund. This fund belongs to the regional public organization "Assistance and development of IT professionals", which twice tried in 2018 to receive from the Moscow region government contracts to study the effectiveness of the information policy of the authorities of the Moscow region and to collect information on the communicative strategy of the Moscow region government.

The Health Foundation, co-owned by the National Association of Phthisiatricians. And this association, in turn, belongs to the three largest state research centers in the field of tuberculosis, pulmonology and infectious diseases in Novosibirsk, St. Petersburg and Moscow.

Fund for Support and Development of Public Initiatives. The co-owner of the foundation is the Union of Retired Persons of Russia, which is headed by a member of the Federation Council Valery Ryazansky.

The Moscow city regional branch of the party "United Russia", "Fund for Support of People's Projects and Civil Initiatives", "Fund for Supporting Future Generations" also transferred to the account of the Sobyanin Fund for 7.5 million rubles.

In addition to the listed organizations, the Moscow branch of the Rodina Party, which is led by Moscow City Duma deputy Andrei Shibaev, and the "Russian Party of Pensioners", have donated 3.5 million rubles to the election campaign of Sergei Sobyanin.

As for the other four candidates for the post of Mayor of Moscow - Mikhail Balakin, Mikhail Degtyarev, Vadim Kumir and Ilya Sviridov, - then no individual has donated more than 20 thousand rubles to their election funds, no one - more than 25 thousand rubles . Mikhail Balakin's electoral fund includes 460 thousand rubles (425 thousand rubles spent), Mikhal Degtyaryov's fund - 9.8 million rubles (9.3 million rubles spent), communist Vadim Kumin received 15.3 million rubles from the electoral fund (spent 11.7 million rubles), Ilya Sviridov on the fund's account - 569 thousand rubles (550 thousand have already been spent).

A source close to the presidential administration, in a conversation with journalist, noted that in the mayoral elections in Moscow "initially no one had any ambitions". In his opinion, the low financial activity of Balakin, Degtyarev, Kumin and Sviridov is "one of the symptoms of the problem that people generally do not believe in and do not want to compete seriously with Sobyanin, they solve their tasks in these elections that are not related to the electorate."

Political scientist Andrei Kolyadin is sure that the low financial activity of candidates for the post of Mayor of Moscow Mikhail Balakin, Mikhail Degtyarev, Vadim Kumin and Ilya Sviridov is due to the fact that "none of them have any chance to win" because they were not allowed to vote "No serious player". "Therefore, it is logical that no one in their right minds will give money for an ineffective campaign with zero result," added Kolyadin.