The EU has taken interest in killers from Russia

To investigate the activity of Dmitry Lesnyakov's group responsible for more than 20 murders, the Spanish and French police joined their forces. 
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There is reason to believe that the gunmen may have committed crimes on the French and Spanish territories, in particular, they killed the "thief in law" Vladimir Janashia in Marseilles. In Russia, the investigators have established new possible episodes of the group's activity. Its members are suspected of the attempted assasination of restaurateur Gela Tsertsvadze, the "right hand" of a mafia boss Tariel Oniani, and the preparation of an attack on a businessman Nicholas Katamadze.

As reported by "Rosbalt" a law enforcement source, the summer of 2013. Prosecutor General's Office sent a request for extradition to Spain of "authority" Carlo Mikadze, who is accused in the case Lesnyakova gang. In spring 2010, the Spanish Carabinieri arrested him in the investigation on the activities of the Russian mafia in the European Union. A few days ago in Madrid I received a reply that the extradition can not be a gangster. Mikadze was released on bail and disappeared. He was first in Italy, then moved to Georgia, on its traces are lost. In connection with the "business Lesnyakova" Russian law enforcement agencies were also interested inAustrian fate "kingpin" Gocha Antipov. He was detained in the country in 2010. However, there are reports that "general crime" was a little time, left it, and then departed in an unknown direction.

At the same time, several EU countries reported to law enforcement agencies of Russia, which is suspected members Lesnyakova categories of crimes on their territory. Basically it is a murder that occurred in the course of the criminal war between mafia clans "thieves" Aslan Usoyana (Ded Hasan) and Tarieala Oniani (Taro). So, in 2010 in Marseille was shot "general criminal" Vladimir Janashia (Lado), a member of the clan of the Tarot. French police have found that far from the crime scene were several members of the gang Dmitry Lesnyakova (Forest).

According to Russian investigators, several years been fighting a gang of Forests "wing" and the clan of Ded Hasan committed the murder on the orders of its members. The peculiar role of "liaisons" between representatives and Usoyana Lesnyakovym performed Carlo Gocha Mikadze and Antdressing.

So, I have found that it is addressed to them "thief in law" Armen Harutyunyan (Armenia Kanev), when he had a conflict with another "legalist" Alik Minolyanom (Alik Sochi). Antipov Mikadze and handed him over to the wishes of the Forest. As a result, in February 2009, the killer shot Minolyana in Moscow.

Now the Interior Ministry verifies the information that participants Lesnyakova groups could make an attempt on Gela Tsertsvadze, who is actually responsible for the entire business, which was under the control of Oniani clan.

According to investigators, Gocha Antipov and Carlo Mikadze were henchmen "thief in law" Merab Gogia (Melia). The latter was a friend Tariel Oniani, their clans were considered friendly. Carlo Mikadze was a regular guest at restaurants Oniani group, spoke with Tservtsadze often he took money from him.

In 2006 there was a conflict between Tariel Oniani and one of the most prominent members of the clan of Ded Hasan Shushanashvili Lasha (Lasha Rustavi), later developed into a criminal war. Gogia, which is the godfather of one of the children to Lasha, in the floorth situation sided with the clan of Ded Hasan and quarreled with Oniani.

According to a source in law enforcement bodies, in such a situation Tsertsvadze Mikadze demanded immediate pay off all debts. Those that did could not. Then Gela demanded by Carlo owned by him to pass a flat area of ​​over 100 square meters. meters. At the same time with Carlo very seriously talked personally Tariel Oniani. As a result, the "authority" to part with living area, but, according to investigators, harbored a grudge against Gela. It is believed in the law enforcement, Mikadze could ask for help from his friend Dmitry Lesnyakovu. At least, 17 November 2008, immediately after Tsertsvadze entered renovated apartment in a former Mikadze, an attempt has been made to it. Two men in black cloth masks at home 22 housing 3 Fan on the street opened fire on the gel. He was wounded in the chest, abdomen and left thigh, but survived.

Now also verified information that could prepare the group Lesnyakova attempted businessman Nicholas Katamadze. Businessman ruled non-residential premiseson Butcher Street, which housed a restaurant network "Tanuki". One of his distant cousin Carlo Mikadze asked for a favor. He said that taking out a bank loan to buy the office, but there were problems with his registration as Mikadze is a citizen of Georgia. Carlo asked Katamadze receive a loan in the bank "Slavic loan" itself for a short period. As pointed out later in his statement to the police Katamadze, the bank was aware of the situation, since Mikadze and Gocha Antipov is a frequent guest of this credit institution.

According to the businessman, once the bank was asked to provide as collateral for a loan premises on Butcher. Like, a formality required for reporting to the Central Bank.

It was later established that the credit line opened on Katamadze, all the money (over 100 million) were paid exclusively Mikadze. When the businessman learned about it and tried to raise the noise, poured threats from Carlo at him. During the last meeting that was accompanied by a member of the gang Lesnyakova. (Police officers do not exclude that the samem way the killer showed "an object).

Mikadze loan and not repaid and the bank paid the room on Butcher in their favor. As fraud is now being investigated for GUS GU MVD of Russia in Moscow, however, the accused in the case yet.