The European Parliament recognized Kaspersky Lab's products as malicious

In response, the company stopped cooperation with Europol.
The European Parliament approved a resolution on cybersecurity, which calls on European institutions to review their software, IT and communications equipment. This will avoid potentially dangerous products and devices and abandon those already recognized as harmful. In the example of the European Parliament recognized as harmful, the Kaspersky Lab software is cited.

The majority of the members of the European Parliament supported the resolution: it received 476 votes "in favor", 151 - "against", 36 parliamentarians abstained from voting. This resolution will be received by the European Council, the European Commission, EU agencies specializing in security and cyber security, as well as the NATO Secretary General and national parliaments of the EU member states, the document says.

The resolution does not have binding character, but the language used by the European parliamentarians causes concern that the European Commission will begin to tightly regulate foreign technology companies, the political publication Euractiv writes.

"The decision of the European Parliament encourages cybercrime in Europe," Evgeny Kaspersky, the founder and general director of the Laboratory, commented on the resolution in the Instagram account. "We have defended the EU for 20 years, and our cooperation with law enforcement agencies has led to numerous arrests of cybercriminals. As a result of today's unprecedented and unconstrained decision of the European Parliament, we are forced to freeze our cooperation with all law enforcement agencies, including Europol and the NoMoreRansom project, "Kaspersky laments.

NoMoreRansom is a joint project of Kaspersky Lab, McAfee (a division of Intel Corporation), Europol (the police service of the EU, coordinates the work of the national police, headquarters in The Hague) and the Dutch police, which decrypts data encrypted with extortion viruses.

The representative of "Laboratory" called difficult the decision of the company to stop cooperation in the fight against cybercrime. The point of the resolution, where Kaspersky Lab is mentioned, he calls untrue and based on false statements.

Last year, the US government banned state agencies from using Kaspersky Lab's software. Washington suspects that the company may be connected with Russian special services. The general director of the company Evgeny Kaspersky rejected these accusations.

In May, the government of the Netherlands decided to abandon the software of the Laboratory. According to Reuters, the Minister of Justice Ferdinand Grapperhaus explained this by saying that the Russian government had a cyberattack program, which, among other things, was aimed at the interests of the Netherlands.

This decision disappointed the company, the representative of the Laboratory admitted, and regretted that the company had become involved in the geopolitical struggle.

According to Kaspersky Lab, independent experts are able to confirm the transparency of its work, to which the company will give access to the codes of their products. To this end, the company intends to open a special "transparency center" in Switzerland.