The ex-mayor of Vladivostok, Igor Pushkarev, spoke about life in the detention center

In April of this year, the former mayor of Vladivostok, Igor Pushkarev, was sentenced to 15 years in a high security prison and fined 500 million rubles.
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He is accused of taking bribes on a large scale, abuse of office and commercial bribery. Pushkarev’s controversial affair breeds a lot of different opinions and disputes, but the former mayor will tell today not about him, but about how he spent almost 1200 “groundhog days” in the Kremlin Central jail.

I have been in jail since June 2, 2016, so recently I had a kind of anniversary. The first day is a quarantine and a single camera. Then he was transferred to the eight-seat - all inmates there were very friendly and supported, as they could. An ordinary life began, where every next day was similar to the previous one: rise, morning check, walk and hang up. This is a great rarity when something is knocked out of this mode.

Well, only if on holidays - we are fine with them: we congratulate each other on their birthdays, Happy New Year. Relatives usually send cakes, so there is an opportunity to have a festive tea party.

Of course, there is little entertainment - the Internet is not here, but this does not prevent us from finding something to do; For me, this is physical activity and books.

I practice sports every day. In addition to walking for at least an hour (daily), I spend another one and a half to two hours a day training in the cell, doing strength exercises from yoga and stretching. I also have Paul Wade's book “The Training Zone” - I use it to do exercises with my own weight, since there are no simulators. In addition to this, I do gymnastics once a week with the others.

We have a very friendly team here, even in the most ordinary cases. Well, everybody likes it when in the place where you are, order and cleanliness? Therefore, we clean, mine and actively maintain order all together - I do not remember that at least sometime there was a problem with this task.

In general, everyone I met here (among them, blogger Davidych, top manager of Baring Vostok, Frenchman Philippe Delpal, former general director of Gogol Center Malobrodsky, leader of a group of hackers Lurk Konstantin Kozlovsky. - Note. Daily Storm), very interesting people and everyone had a lot to learn. We had no problems in communication, thank God.

I am in fact very grateful to all my cellmates - these are kind people who have remained so and have not lost heart, despite all the difficulties. Take the same Delpal - I will say this: it is difficult for anyone here, especially when you are sitting for nothing, much less a foreigner.

By the way, I learned here that Kozlovsky was writing memoirs — I would have read it with pleasure. In general, I wish Konstantin to quickly get free and hand over his material to the press. If the book does come out, I will definitely ask my relatives to order a copy for themselves.

And a little more about books: in three years I read more than 200 pieces here - I took it from the library or passed on my relatives at my request. Tolstoy’s “Resurrection”, Eugene Ginzburg’s Steep Route, Henri Sharyer’s Papillon, and, of course, the Count of Monte-Cristo were among the first.

I have already mentioned that the Internet is not here, but occasionally I manage to talk about what is happening to me in social networks. I can’t call it full-fledged Internet activity, but some of the posts are still obtained: I dictate to a lawyer, he writes down from my words, after which everything is published.

It seems to me that such a connection to the Network was the right step for me. When I saw that there was no question of any objectivity in my business, and perhaps the only salvation was in the maximum openness of what was happening. Or, at least, so that those who are interested in my business have the opportunity to know my point of view, backed up with documents of the case that were laid out on the site. Therefore, the first post came out about eight months after my imprisonment.

I do not coordinate my publications with anyone, nobody censors them. At the same time there is nothing in them that would violate the law or the rules of detention.

Although there was one funny case related to censorship, however, not about the Internet.

Once, at the very beginning, I read the book "The Prince of Silver." In a letter to the family cited an excerpt from this book, which described what was served on Ivan the Terrible. This is reminiscent of a scene from the film "Ivan Vasilyevich Changes Profession." He brought it in such a way that it is such a table in the cell in the SIZO. But the SIZO operatives who read the letter recommended that they no longer write this, since this is not true. Yes, not everyone has a sense of humor, and regulatory bodies may not understand this joke.

Summing up, I can add that the SIZO is not the place where so many events take place. There have been no global changes in everyday life for three years, nothing has changed. This can be called "Groundhog Day", and it is repeated today more than 1100 times. A few months ago, the rise was at 06:00, not at 06:45, and hang up at 22:00, and not at 22:45, as it was before. That's all the change. Everything is very stable.