The ex-wife of billionaire Farhad Akhmedov sued a helicopter from her husband

Tatyana Akhmedova managed to confiscate and sell Eurocopter EC155 within the framework of the divorce process. The representative of her ex-husband, billionaire Farhad Akhmedov, said that in comparison with her expenses on the courts, the price of the helicopter is "negligible."
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The former wife of Russian billionaire Farhad Akhmedov (69th place on the Forbes list, $ 1.4 billion) was able to get his Eurocopter EC155 helicopter, Reuters reported, citing representatives from Tatiana Akhmedova.

According to the agency, we are talking about a helicopter that was used to transport passengers to the Akhmedov Luna superyacht. Eurocopter EC155 was confiscated in a dispute over the division of property between spouses and sold for approximately € 5 million ($ 5.7 million).

Akhmedov’s press secretary told Reuters that the cost of the helicopter was “insignificant” compared to the amounts that the billionaire’s ex-spouse spends on lawsuits against him.

Tatyana and Farhad Akhmedov have been married since 1993. As the businessman himself told in an interview with RBC, he divorced back in 2000, which was recorded by the registry office in Moscow. However, Tatyana Akhmedova, as a person with dual citizenship (Russia and Great Britain), filed a petition for divorce in accordance with English law.

As part of the divorce proceedings in the UK, the court ruled that their marriage lasted until 2013. In accordance with these, the court decided on the payment that Tatiana Akhmedova was supposed to receive: a London court ordered the businessman to pay her a record £ 453 million (at the current rate of more than $ 572 million). Prior to this, the courts appointed the former spouses a record payment in the framework of the divorce proceedings by the hedge fund manager of the Children's Investment Fund Christopher Hon ($ 530 million or £ 423 million) and Boris Berezovsky (officially the amount was not disclosed, according to media reports, it amounted to £ 200 million or over £ 252.6 million).

Billionaire refused to comply with the decision of the court. Then he explained his refusal to pay by the fact that the verdict of the court is valid only in the UK, where he has no assets for a long time.

After that, a London court decided to freeze Akhmedov’s assets around the world. His former wife hired lawyers to track the chains of offshore companies that own these assets, explains Reuters.

In April 2018, Akhmedov’s 115-meter superyacht worth $ 492 million was arrested. However, it remains anchored in the port of Rashid in the United Arab Emirates, as the court in Dubai rejected the claim of Tatyana Akhmedova, who claimed rights to the yacht.