The fall of black pharmacist Igor Vorobey

A major bankrupcy is brewing in the pharmaceutical sector in Russia for the first time in recent years. The tax inspection revealed violations at the St. Petersburg company RIA Panda; the amount of pre-accrual amounted to 1,141,056,000 rubles.
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It was found that OOO RIA Panda in 2012-2014 was a party to a formal document circulation, creating the appearance of acquisitions of overpriced goods from more than 10 suppliers, but actually acquired products from affiliates and interdependent manufacturers: OOO VIS and and OOO VIS Cosmetics. Such actions are qualified under Article 199 of the Criminal Code "Evasion of taxes and (or) fees". Moreover, the tax claims to RIA Panda can grow.

According to SPARC system data, in the hardest period for the country after the economic crisis in 2009, beneficiary Igor Vorobey decommissioned 1,503,901,000 rubles as "losses due to unfortunate investments". What kind of "investment" in the one-day front companies, which then went bankrupt? It fits in standard fraudulent withdrawal of funds abroad, and it is at least qualified under Articile 159 of the Criminal Code. As a result of the budget of Leningrad region suffered major losses.

In subsequent years, Vorobey & Co. continued to withdraw funds under the guise of loans and credits supposedly outside organizations: the size of loans ranged from 70 million rubles to 200 million rubles. It is believed that at last the tax tricks of Igor Vorobey will get a proper assessment of law enforcement agencies that will find "perished" investment. The claims of the tax authorities finally undermined the already disastrous situation, of RIA Panda. The key entity of the company, the Pharmaceutical Plant named after Filatov, has its production and processing equipment pledged to the foreign banks.

The pledgee: Joint Stock Company "UniCredit Bank Czech Republic, AS", the Czech Republic, p / and.. 111 21, Prague 1, on Przhikope, d.858 / 20 (CZ). Its parent company - "BANK AUSTRIA AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT" and the bank "INIKREDITO Italiana SpA". The plant is idle, with decaying equipment, no qualified staff, as none of the drug companies are not going to place contract manufacturing, fearing to deal with the "partners" with the criminal reputation. Meanwhile, "RIA" Panda "should annually pay foreign creditors, who have pledged to plant equipment, through a loan of 54 million euros to 500 million rubles!

Tax fraud investigation beneficiary "RIA" Panda ", known in the business circles of Russia and the criminal" black apothecary "Igor Fedorovich Sparrow, will be the second criminal case related to this fraudster. The first criminal case related to the production and circulation of counterfeit biologically active food additives. The resonant criminal case №385340 instituted and conducted in the Main Investigation Department of the Investigative Committee in Moscow. When necessary evidence base has been collected, the case was transferred to the second Investigation Department (with a dislocation in the city of St. Petersburg) of the Main Investigation Department of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation. Accordingly, in St. Petersburg and moved to investigations, since that is where companies are Igor Sparrow - LLC "RIA" Panda "and LLC" VIS ", which are directly produced and dumped on the market dangerous chemical substitutes in the guise of dietary supplements.

Translation of the criminal case in St. Petersburg Igor Vorobey took it as a chance to escape from punishment. In St. Petersburg, he decided, you can use all the lobbying and corruption due to avoid a criminal case to court. In St. Petersburg the land he really, as they say, everything is under control - and powerful "roof", and lobbyists in government and law enforcement agencies. A corrupt ties to law enforcement agencies Igor Vorobey first of all tried to block the course of further investigation in a criminal case for falsification of dietary supplements and prevent it from bringing to the court.

From St. Petersburg heard rumors that Igor Vorobey allegedly "has brought" not less than US $ 2 million in the prosecutor's structure! Rumors, of course, the matter will not sew, they can come from envy and Igor Sparrow, whom he has a lot, but there is no smoke without fire. There is talk of some kind of friendship with General Andrew Vorobey Valeryevich Lavrenko. In March 2016 he was suddenly sacked as deputy head of the Investigative Committee of Russia. How to make it clear some experts from St. Petersburg, is Lavrenko, who previously worked in St. Petersburg, I have used old contacts in St. Petersburg prosecutor's office in order to "build out" dirty Vorobyevsky money. The Corruptor Igor Vorobey is now actually requires investigation emasculate case on falsification of dietary supplements, as much as possible to clean it on the evidence of his criminal activities, and then close the case. Will the investigation on corruption deal with the cheater Igor Vorobey?

The matter is extremely resonant, it relates to the health of millions of men, whose health is put in jeopardy Sparrow. Production and trafficking of counterfeit dietary supplements that contain undeclared ingredients of drugs (tadalafil etc.), A criminal offense within the scope of 238.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, "the counterfeit, substandard and unregistered medicines, medical products and trafficking counterfeit dietary supplements" committed on a large scale, a group of persons by prior agreement.

Since January 2015 under Article 238.1 of the Criminal Code provides for criminal liability for the manufacture, sale or import into Russia of counterfeit dietary supplements that contain undeclared pharmaceutical substances under state registration. Penalty - imprisonment from 3 to 5 years! Also Lavrenko the "black apothecary" Igor found Sparrow and high patrons in the police department in St. Petersburg and Leningrad region. The "black apothecary" in the summer of 2016 there was a problem when we were detained intended for companies "RIA" Panda "and" VIS "a few truckloads of smuggled raw materials and barrels with chemical substance tadalafil, which is necessary for the production of counterfeit dietary supplement for male potency.

In this incident it was even a new criminal case against a specific company "RIA" Panda "and Igor Sparrow her founder and general director. "Black Apothecary" failed to agree with operatives, and he went to their leadership. In violation of all departmental orders and instructions willful decision allegedly high functionary of the police department of St. Petersburg and Leningrad region to deal with the smuggling was hushed, and the detainees were returned goods Igor Sparrow, and then packaged in a new batch of pirated products on the shelves waiting for unsuspecting consumers. In the investigative structures of St Petersburg, and they say the close conjunction Igor Sparrow with another, not less known in police circles, character - General Sergei Ivanovich Makhno!

Former deputy chief of the police department of St. Petersburg and Leningrad region on economic security, Police Major General. He worked in the Department of tax investigations at St. Petersburg, then - deputy chief of operational service UFSNP at St. Petersburg. Previously, he served as Head of Operational Services category "A" (the struggle against tax crimes in the sphere of trade excisable goods) UFSNP for St. Petersburg and Leningrad region, and then headed the Service for Economic and Tax Crimes Department of Internal Affairs of St. Petersburg and Leningrad region . The media have repeatedly accused him of involvement in the wars in the business interests of one of the parties, using his official position. Frugal in lobbying group Igor Sparrow looks like another Guardian "black pharmacist" - former presidential envoy to the Northwest Federal District Ilya Klebanov. As he flies on a fly sortirny smell of dirty money "black pharmacist."

It turns out that a former state official privately concerned that no one is limited criminal business Igor Sparrow to BAA on the market with the filing of "black pharmacist" is still thrown millions of packages of chemical substitutes, crippling Russian men. Surprisingly, lobbyists criminal Igor Sparrow business became even some officials of departments, which is a key guarantor of the safety of dietary supplements market. This is the Rospotrebnadzor. could not in the investigation of St. Petersburg structures do not pay attention to the fact that the deputy head of the Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection and Human Welfare in the city of St. Petersburg - the deputy chief state sanitary doctor of the city of St. Petersburg Roman Friedman covers criminal business Igor Sparrow.

Is it because in St. Petersburg pharmacies until recently sold chemical substitutes in the form of a dietary supplement for men of "RIA" Panda "? Roman Frydman previously worked as the director of the branch «Center of Hygiene and Epidemiology in St. Petersburg", which made "black Apothecary" every opportunity to get much-needed laboratory "proof" allegedly counterfeit purity. It circulates even a version that Friedman and his family shareholders consist of the Czech-Austrian bank, which lends to Igor Sparrow. New data on the ongoing trafficking of counterfeit supplements give a clear signal that "RIA" Panda "and Igor Sparrow does not intend to comply with the requirements of the law and the decision of Rospotrebnadzor. They offer Rospotrebnadzor endless carousel - do not have time to block the circulation of counterfeit "Sealeks" as it appears in the "Sealeks forte" package. Lock it appears "Sealeks plus." Then started a new line of tadalafilovyh counterfeit - testogenony, erektogenony and so on to infinity.

Many of the major distributor of market of medicines and dietary supplements have minimized the purchase of products "RIA" Panda ", however, it should be recognized and some of them are omnivorous" players ", not disdain criminal partners, such as" RIA "Panda" and thereby helping Igor Sparrow prolong the agony business BAD fraud. Brazen impunity from "Black Apothecary" threatened lawsuits opponents who denounced his dangerous scam chemical substitutes in the guise of dietary supplements. Of particular fraudster rage caused by the publication in the "Black Sparrow otmoesh not-hot, or how to" RIA "Panda" has shaped the national castration syndrome ".

Moscow Arbitration Court considered the appeal of Igor Sparrow and discontinued the proceedings. To no avail for the fraudster was over, and his attempt to venture in the same way the trial against the "Union of manufacturers of dietary supplements to food" (CPO SP BAA). Meanwhile, the illegal business of impunity "RIA" Panda "and Igor Sparrow falsifying supplements can now be considered as a prologue to the present catastrophic situation in the food market as a whole. media reports say that the scale of fraud there has reached fantastic proportions!

Waking from hibernation tadalafilovoy Rospotrebnadzor urgently preparing amendments to the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. If they are approved, the Russian Criminal Code an article entitled "Production for the purpose of sale, importation into the territory of the Russian Federation for the purpose of marketing or selling counterfeit food products." Sale of counterfeits on a large scale (from 500 thousand to 1 million rubles) will be punished by a fine of 300 to 800 thousand rubles a year or corrective labor. With aggravating circumstances, such as in the case of "RIA" Panda "and Igor Sparrow, a group of persons by prior agreement, will have to pay 1 million rubles or spend two years of correctional work.

Vanity Rospotrebnadzor with amendments to the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation is of extreme surprise. The point is not in the need for thousands of new amendments, the case in compliance with the Law. Sparrows carrion should not have even a chance to buy an indulgence in state supplements market regulators and food, liberating them from the punishment of the release of dangerous counterfeits. This is the problem of the Criminal Code, and the moral responsibility of corrupt functionaries, feeding with dirty business such as "Black Apothecary" Igor Vorobey.