The family of Alexander Gorbenko collects luxury real estate

Where did the deputy from Sobyanin come from?
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Deputy Mayor of Moscow Alexander Gorbenko was the secret owner of several expensive real estate in Moscow and the Moscow region. The total cost of three apartments and one suburban estate exceeds one billion rubles, while Gorbenko himself does not officially own anything - everything is scattered among his family members or recorded on the mythical Ivan Fedorov.

That everything was and nothing was

For the first time, the deputy mayor of Moscow, Sergei Sobyanin, Alexander Gorbenko, came to the attention of anti-corruption fighters back in 2013. Then the activists of the Anti-Corruption Fund Aleksei Navalny talked about giving a civil servant in the village of Bityagovo in the suburbs. On two hectares of land there are nine different buildings, including two residential buildings, a tennis court, a swimming pool, a pond and other entertainments. The estimated value of this property, experts estimated at 500 million rubles.

Apparently, having experienced spiritual discomfort (although there were no visible consequences for the official after declassifying his summer house), Alexander Gorbenko decided to hide his property. So, in Rosreestr instead of his name appeared the name of a certain Ivan Ivanovich Fedorov. As suggested by Navalny, Fedorov was completely invented by Gorbenko for disguise, since Gorbenko-Fedorov acquired ownership of a dacha near Moscow for half a billion rubles at the same time.

Now Alexander Gorbenko, as vice-mayor, heads the department of regional security and information policy at the Moscow City Hall. His official income is 7 million rubles a year, which is a lot, but at the same time does not explain the purchase of a very expensive summer house in Bityagovo.

Moreover, FBK activists found other purchases incompatible with income from Gorbenko and his family. So, Alexander Gorbenko is a happy father who has an adult son and daughter: Nikolai Alexandrovich Gorbenko and Chuyashova Anastasia Alexandrovna (changed her name after marriage). Thanks to the first, the Rosreestr and the Unified State Register of Legal Entities managed to find an apartment in an elite residential complex in Khamovniki - an area of ​​226 square meters. meters and an approximate cost of 300 million rubles.

Own official income, which would allow Gorbenko Jr. to buy such a home, is not observed from the son of an official. At one time he was a restaurateur, but to no avail, his Nicholas restaurant burned out.

“Nikolai was 29 years old when he“ bought it ”(an apartment in Khamovniki). Let's call the obvious things by their own names: the dad official bought him an apartment for 300 million, ”Navalny reports.

In the same house in Khamovniki at ul. Trubetskaya, 10, another apartment owned by the daughter of Alexander Gorbenko Anastasia. The apartment is 174 square meters. meters and the cost of about 240 million rubles. Anastasia Chuyashova “bought” this property at the age of 21. Most likely, the daughter’s living space was also presented by the Moscow vice mayor.

Gorbenko Sr. himself “huddles” with his wife Irina in a modest two-story penthouse in a house on 12. Khachaturian Street. Its approximate cost is a million dollars or 60 million rubles. The official bought this apartment while still being the director of the state “Russian newspaper”.

Total total value of the transferred property of the Gorbenko family is 1 billion 100 million rubles. Gorbenko himself did not explain the origin of these apartments and cottages in any way; instead, he prefers to change his name in Rosreestr. Even in his wife’s apartment, he doesn’t “live”, but the same Ivan Fedorov.

Assistant Sobyanin also has other "sins." So, a few years ago, he agreed to launch a large-scale salute in honor of Defender of the Fatherland Day, which took place in the prohibited zone for fireworks. As the Baza journalists found out, this was done exactly during the celebration of the wedding of the daughter of Anastasia Gorbenko. According to estimates by Baza, the wedding cost the bride and groom about 10 million rubles, or even more.

The Baza’s investigation also shows how a simple IT specialist Dmitry Chuyashov turned from a poor limiter into a big businessman who earns hundreds of millions of rubles on contracts from the Moscow City Hall. City Hall, where his father-in-law Alexander Gorbenko occupies far from the last position and has access to budget money.