The family of Mikhail Mishustin hid luxury real estate in Rublevka

The family of the new prime minister of the Russian Federation, Mikhail Mishustin, owns real estate worth 600 million rubles on Rublevo-Uspenskoye highway, but the Rosreestr hides information about the owners of elite land.
Origin source
Mikhail and Vladlena Mishustina became the owners of an expensive mansion in 2001, when the current candidate for the premiere was still the deputy minister of taxes and duties. Their house with an area of ​​almost 900 square meters is located on Nikolina Gora, in the cottage village "Cotton Way". The area of ​​the land on which the house stands is 5.5 thousand square meters. A plot with a house of the same area in this village is now sold for almost 600 million rubles.

“The relict forest surrounding the village from all sides and the developed infrastructure will allow you to fully enjoy life in nature, while not losing the usual rhythm of life,” the description of this cottage village says. “Fitness centers and beauty salons, swimming pools and tennis courts are ready to give you a full comfortable rest.”

But now the owners of this property, once recorded on Mishustina, are hidden in Rosreestr. The house and the plot have two owners, but instead of the names in the extract, “Russian Federation” is indicated. This is usually done when they want to hide information about the owner. Theoretically, the current candidate for the premiere himself could influence the information - from 2004 to 2006. He headed the Federal Real Estate Cadastre Agency.

Most likely, now the house formally belongs to the adult children of Mishustin. While they were minors, the official indicated in the declaration that they owned the house and the plot in exactly the same area in half. Now they have matured, and they can not be indicated in the declaration.

Surprisingly, Mishustin, who worked in the business for several years, according to his declaration, does not own any real estate at all, not even an apartment. But behind the “Russian Federation” are hidden the owners of the apartment on Trekhgorny Val Street, where Mikhail and Vladlen Mishustiny were registered. This is the departmental home of the President’s Office of Business. According to Rosreestr, in 2004 this apartment was transferred to joint ownership of two “Russian Federations”. Two children of Mishustin also owned shares in one apartment. True, in Rosreestr the area of ​​the apartment is 5 square meters less than in Mishustin’s declaration.