The family of the patriotic deputy Sergey Zheleznyak became Scottish

Alexey Navalny: that guy promised us that his children will get education in England and return to Russia. Let's check it.
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Last week, a new force has inflamed the debate about the forced "return" of the children of officials from abroad. It has been alleged some rumor , so many sources have confirmed that just about all officials, employees of state corporations until, forced to withdraw from overseas studying their offspring, and to translate them all in Russian schools and universities.

I did not even bother to speak on the subject for lack of sense that any comment. Driving " stealing I earn here, spend there "are so caught in the system of values ​​of the modern officer that any decrees it is not eradicated. This is that neither is true edinorossovskaya "spiritual brace."

But I have one in front of you, so to speak, the favor. I wrote many times, which is especially entertaining to watch the heroes of our investigations "in development", we now turn.

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