The family of the security officer Marat Medoev was deeply entrenched in Europe

European real estate and business relatives of Chekist Medoev, who is mentioned in a story with provocation against journalist Ivan Golunov
Before his arrest, Medusa journalist Ivan Golunov was preparing a story about the funeral business and was confronted with the names of the head of the FSB department in Moscow and the Moscow region Alexei Dorofeyev and his assistant Marat Medoev. As the sources of Novaya Gazeta in the FSB say, these are people with great connections and resources. Dorofeev’s colleagues call him the man of Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev, who in the past headed the FSB. They also note the good relations between Dorofeev and the current FSB director Alexander Bortnikov. Novaya’s interlocutors speak about Medoev as the employee nearest to Dorofeev, through whom “all questions are resolved”. Novaya Gazeta and journalists from the investigative centers of the Czech Republic and Slovakia found foreign real estate and business of the Medoeva family in Slovakia, where it has settled since 2009. The business partners of the family, as well as the neighbors in the respectable suburb of Bratislava, turned out to be Russian businessmen - the largest suppliers of special footwear for Russian security officials. Since 2010, their companies have received more than 11 billion rubles from the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Federal Security Service and the Emergencies Ministry of state contracts. And since 2015, their company has the exclusive right to provide all the Russian Interior Ministry with special shoes. The journalists talked with Medoev’s father in Slovakia, he denies the connection between his son and the Golunov case.

Villas in Slovakia

Lt. Col. Marat Medoev - hereditary security officer. His father, Hero of Russia Igor Medoev on the First Channel was called the legendary personality, one of the creators of the special forces in the Russian army.

Medoev Sr. is a native of North Ossetia and is highly respected in his small homeland. On his example, patriots are raised in the republic. In the brochure "Heroes of Russia - natives of Ossetia" he is in the first place. His biography is also there: since 1992, he worked in the FSB Directorate for North Ossetia, since 1996 - served in the center of special mission of the FSB, since 2001 - worked as Assistant Secretary of Defense. In the biography of Medoeva Sr., it is not mentioned that in the past he worked in tax with Anatoly Serdyukov. According to former FSB officers, Serdyukov helped some KGB agents in his career (for example, Viktor Voronin - the former head of the FSB banking department and the former head of colonels arrested on corruption charges - Colonel Cherkalin and Dmitry Frolov).
“The 90s of the last century will remain the“ black ”page in the history of our Motherland. Our great Soviet power collapsed. Years later, when the true goals of foreign “well-wishers” came to light, for whom the struggle against the communist system was only a screen for dismembering the country and maximally weakening it, the leadership of the new Russia took a decisive course towards restoring patriotic education.

The Medoev family does not seem to think that Russia is “a fortress in the ring of enemies.” Otherwise it is difficult to explain the fact that since 2009 it has firmly settled in the center of the European Union.

Marat Medoeva’s mother, Irina, opened Medeva in Bratislava when her husband was still an assistant minister of defense. Judging by the documents, she is engaged in property management. Since 2011, Medoeva's father and his wife became owners of a country house in the town of Limbach, near Bratislava, where wealthy Slovaks live. If you believe the Slovak press, for example, former president Ivan Gasparovic settled there.

Our colleagues from the Center for Investigative Journalism in Slovakia ISJK talked with three real estate experts, according to their estimates, the Medoevs house can cost from 250 thousand euros, however, much depends on the interior decoration, the price may be higher - up to 600 thousand euros. At the same time, Medoev Sr. worked in the state security agencies, his wife does not own a large business in Russia, and his son works in the UFSB.

Civil service and friendship

Next to the Medoevs house there is another villa with a pool, which belongs to their daughter Maya and her husband Peter Ovsyannikov.

In Russia, he is the director of a government agency - the Control and Accounting Service of the Moscow Department of Labor and Social Security. Until 2017, he worked in the family business - headed the Slovak company Medeva. But not only her. From 2013 to 2017, the son-in-law of Medoeva Ovsyannikov was the director of another curious Slovak company with Russian roots - Ivera Invest. The owner of this company, Svetlana Andrianova, and her entire family (Oleg Andrianov and Alexander Andrianov) in Russia are associated with the largest supplier of special footwear for security agencies - the Faraday company. In the suburb of Bratislava Andrianov - neighbors Medoevyh.

Over the past few years, the Faraday company has received government contracts from Russian security officials for more than 11 billion rubles. Moreover, out of 153 contracts, information about which is on the site of public procurement, 106 were concluded according to the procurement procedure from a single supplier - that is, without competition. Why do law enforcement agencies buy shoes and don't even try to find a seller who offers the best price?

The procurement documentation does not always have an answer to this question. For example, the military unit of the FSB purchases for its servicemen boots with high berets and boots combined from the Faraday company without competition, referring simply to the decision of the leadership.

It is curious to read how the FSB determined the fair price for products: the agency sent a request to five suppliers who have experience in supplying such goods, chose three offers with the lowest prices and signed a contract with the company that offered the lowest price.
It would seem that all is well. But all five companies whose FSBs have inquired about the price belong to the same Andrianov family, who own Faraday.

Andrianov long made shoes for law enforcement agencies. And in some markets - they are monopolists. In 2015, the government issued an order and appointed Faraday as the sole supplier of shoes for the entire Interior Ministry for a period of two years. In 2017, the monopoly extended for another couple of years. These are very short documents of just two points, there is no explanation why all the shoes for the Russian police will be supplied by one company.
Novaya Gazeta sent requests to the UFSB and the Russian government; they were unable to respond promptly.

Shod not only military

Players in the military uniforms market, however, say that the specifics of working with law enforcement agencies is such that restriction of competition may be forced. “Production of footwear for the military is actually quite a difficult and expensive process. When the task is to dress people for war, competition to lower prices is probably not the best way to choose a supplier, ”said Oleg Savin, the creator of Gear Craft, which is engaged in uniforms for law enforcement agencies. - Write a technical task that cuts off unscrupulous manufacturers - in itself is not an easy task. In some departments, this problem is solved with the help of technical advice. The Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Rosguard, however, do not have such technical councils. ”

Andrianov's companies are developing new markets: for example, last year another company owned by the family, Central Research Institute for Special and Military Shoes, started supplying winter boots for inspectors of the Moscow Administrative Road Inspectorate (MADI), the company signed 6 contracts with MADI 7 million rubles. Until recently, the head of the MADI was Yuri Ovsyannikov - the father of Peter Ovsyannikov, who is married to the sister of Marat Medoev. However, it should be noted that contracts with MADI were obtained after Ovsyannikov Sr. left MADI to work in the Ministry of Transport of the Crimea.

Fleet UFSB and sister

In Russia, Maya Ovsyannikova (Medoeva) owned half of the company “Autotechcenter Sokol”, which was liquidated in 2015. But the business partner of Marat Medoev’s sister in this firm, Vladimir Konovalov, was not left out in terms of government contracts. Konovalov fully owns the Tech Center Falcon, which from 2015 to 2017 received contracts from the UFSB in Moscow and the Moscow Region for more than 2 million rubles, according to SPARK. His company was engaged in maintenance and repair of UFSB vehicles. In a conversation with Novaya, Konovalov confirmed that his company had in the past rendered UFSB services for repairing machines, but could not recall Medoevoy.

Earlier, the Fund for the Fight against Corruption of Alexei Navalny found the Medoeva family property for a billion rubles in Russia. And also I found out that Igor Medoev rents the building for rent by the same administrative traffic police, which until recently was headed by his brother-in-law.

Retired general

Journalists from the Slovak ISJK investigative center visited the Medoevs' country house near Bratislava and met the owners there. According to European tradition, the house is not surrounded by a high fence, as is customary among generals in Russia. When asked about the connection of his son with the case of the Russian journalist Ivan Golunov, Igor Medoev answered with a calm smile in the Slovak language, albeit with a strong Russian accent. He said that neither he nor his son had anything to do with the arrest of the journalist. “My son does not even know what Ivan Golunov looks like. He was on holiday in Sochi and was very surprised when he read on the Internet that his name was associated with the arrest. ”

“When I return to Russia, I would like to meet with Golunov and explain that we have nothing to do with it. I will ask him to write that we have nothing to do with his arrest. ”

When asked whether Medoev tried to contact Golunov, he replied that “if Golunov was standing in front of him now, he would not have recognized him,” he added that “journalists are involved in fake news when they write that his family way involved. "

Medoev said that he knew very well Interior Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev, and they spent holidays and weekends together. But when asked whether he tried to find out through his old connections who could be behind the persecution of a Russian journalist, Medoev replied that he did not care. "A retired person has the right to rest."

Medoev said he retired in 2010 and was looking for a beautiful place where he could meet his old age. “I like people here, I quickly mastered the language. We spend time here with our grandchildren. ” He also noted that he had reasons to leave Russia.

Medoev said he bought a house for 250 thousand euros, and received money from the sale of a cottage in Russia.

He also noted that the retired military now have a good pension - 3 thousand euros.

The Anti-Corruption Foundation previously found out that Medoyev Sr. receives more than 2 million rubles a month from the Moscow Administrative Road Inspection for renting an extension. In this case, this inspection was headed by his relative.

Medoev Sr. does not deny that he knows the Andrianovs, but claims that the Andrianovs do business with the FSB. And deals with the Ministry of Internal Affairs, where the Andrianovs are the exclusive suppliers of shoes, do not seem to him opaque. But Medoev refuses to go into details in a conversation with Slovak journalists: “These are our Russian affairs.”