The FBI suspects Russian hackers of the attacks on US banks

"Gigabytes" of confidential information have been stolen. 
US FBI start investigating cyber attacks on major US banks, including JP Morgan, in which have been stolen, "gigabytes" of personal data of both customers and employees of banks. According to sources, investigators suspect that the attacks are Russian hackers, whose actions were a response to Western sanctions.

FBI investigates hacker attacks against the country's largest bank in terms of assets and JP Morgan are at least four US banks, in which "gigabytes of confidential information" were stolen. It is reported by The Wall Street Journal, citing sources close to the investigation. According to sources, of involvement in the attacks the FBI suspects, in particular, Russian hackers whose actions could be a response to sanctions imposed against Russia. In addition, sources said that the cyber attacks were of such a level of complexity that gives investigators reason to assume that the scammers did not act alone, but with the help of the state.

It is reported that hackers stealing confidential information about clients like banks and for employees and managers. theNormally the set when it took hackers and how much sensitive data was stolen, is not yet possible, however, as reported by the sides The Wall Street Journal, according to cybersecurity experts have begun to check for possible cracking JP Morgan Security earlier this month. As stated on the eve of JP Morgan, the bank works "in close cooperation with law enforcement authorities", to determine the scale of the attack, and take additional steps to protect personal information. "These big companies, like ours, unfortunately, faced with cyber attacks almost every day. We have several levels of security to counter any threats, and we continually monitor possible fraud, "- commented a spokesman for JP Morgan Trish Wexler. What other US banks were subjected to cyber attacks, while it is not disclosed, but sources say that there are at least four.

According to some analysts, the wave of hacker attacks on US financial institutions, probably related to Western sanctions against Russia. Thus, the American computerof ISight Partners, providing major banks data on cyber threats, recently warned its customers about a possible wave of retaliatory cyber attacks after the introduction of sanctions. Experts claim that Russian hackers and used to direct their efforts against countries with which Russia conflict. So, in the past, they attacked government websites in Estonia and Georgia. "Russia is practicing responses cyberattack depending on the political context. When it comes to countries outside of its sphere of influence, attacks become more veiled, "- said the expert ISight John Haltkvist.

In April, JP Morgan blocked the transfer of Russian Embassy in Astana to address trapped by Western sanctions insurance company "SOGAZ". Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Aleksey Lukashevich then called the bank's actions "unacceptable, absurd and in violation of international law", noting that any action against the Russian diplomatic mission fraught with retaliatory measures.

At the beginning of August, the Western media reported that a group of hackers from Russia stole more than 1.2 billion passwords, credit card dataand other confidential information of clients of the largest American banks and companies using the data stored in the cache Google.