The Federal Property Management Agency has again raised an issue with the ex-premier Kasyanov's dacha

The Federal Property Management Agency is again disputing the rights of the former Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov on "Sosnovka-1". He has long returned the dacha, but according to the documents is still listed as its owner.
This week, the Khoroshevskoye District Court of Moscow held a preliminary hearing on the dispute between Mr. Kasyanov and the Federal Property Management Agency, which has been trying to return the summer residence "Sosnovka-1" to the state since 2005.

In 2005 Kasyanov (resigned as prime minister he left in February 2004) bought a villa once owned by members of the Politburo, Mikhail Suslov. Over 28 objects on a plot of 11.5 hectares it paid of "Amelia" 11.1 million rubles. This company has got land in January 2004, at the auction held subordinated Relations of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise "VPK-Invest". Federal Property Management Agency has decided that the transaction resulted in the illegal alienation of objects of the state, and appealed to the court.

In 2005-2006. the courts of different instances have ruled on the recognition of the auction null and void. One of the reasons was that the message of the auction has not been published in the media. In September 2007, Kasyanov has returned "Sosnovka-1" to the state.

But when the Federal Protection Service (FSO gosdachi are on its balance sheet) applied for re-registration in Rosreestr object, he was denied: the owner is still listed as Kasyanov. FSO has asked Power Managementof the Federal Property Management Agency in Moscow to resolve the issue - it was supposed to re-register the ownership after the court decision. July 30 Federal Property Management Agency filed a claim for recognition of the rights of the missing property Kasyanov.

Representatives of the FSO and the Federal Property Management Agency did not respond to questions "Vedomosti". Contact the representative of the "RPR-Parnassus" (Kasyanov is a co-chairman of the party) failed. Lawyer Elena Heifetz, representing the interests of Kasyanov, passed through the Secretary, that does not comment on the process. Documents transmitted by an act of reception and transmission specialist the Federal Property Agency, quoted her performance at the preliminary hearing "". In the Federal Property Agency documents left, said the representative office: "We have the shelf life - three years." When asked counsel why FSO remembered "Sosnovka-1" only in 2013, a spokesman for the service said: "We have such facilities in 2500!" (Quotes from the Federal Property Agency, and the FSO for "").

Suit Technology, believes the managing partner of Art de lex Dmitry Magonov need the court's decision to Rosreestr LatchedOval new owner. To restore the documents and the establishment of the legal fact quite old and the judgment asserts Lidings partner Andrey Zelenin.

Not excluded in the calculation of political repercussions of the process, said political analyst Yevgeny Minchenko. Alexei Navalny, who is struggling with undeclared real estate deputies nominated for mayor of Moscow is from the "RPR-Parnassus" (Decision adopted in June), says Minchenko: officials are reminded that the fundamental difference between the elected government and the opposition is not.