The Finns stumbled on a general's son

Businessman from Finland gave 30 thousand euros for the capture of St. Petersburg investigator who was the son of a general. An ordinary officer went under trial, the money disappeared, the investigator got promotion.   
Origin source
In St. Petersburg, it was received by the court case about the opposition of the Finnish business with national police. Operative economic security of the Admiralty district Boris Bykadorov accused receiving 2.5 million rubles in exchange for the seized property. In fact, the Finns felt his demon son of Lieutenant-General Yakovlev, but the search of money in his office ended in a complaint against starvation and lack of bribery cases. Plump dossiers Yakovlev Jr. own security MIA can be put into the trash.

Day June 24, 2016 in the Finnish company YE-International office (delivery of electronic components) on the avenue Obukhov Defense of Petrograd came AMIA Investigator Andrey Yakovlev. He is presenting a search warrant in a criminal case with reference to the counterparty YE and seized six servers with official correspondence, bookkeeping, accounting, contracts.

A month passed. Finns have hinted at a paid return equipment. And then the third force intervened. Goosby Interior Ministry, interception negotiations proposed Finns participated in the operational experiment and bribe-takers to take on the hot. CEO Yrjö Penny issued from the stocks of 29 thousand euros, 365 thousand rubles (a little more than the required 2.5 million). Banknotes were brought in the 17th Division Russbach Goosby on Ligovsky Avenue, recorded and stacked in the package.

At noon on August 1 representative Finns hung with audio and video recording equipment, met the 28-year-old operative Admiralty Ministry of Internal Affairs Boris Bykadorova and handed the package.

Since Goosby considered Bykadorova mere intermediary and the final recipient - in whose powers returned servers, in front of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Grand Petrograd Monetnaya also staff on duty. They closely followed by Andrei Yakovlev, hold or during dinner at the restaurant or during a meeting with an unknown man.

The active phase began on 2 August. Bykadorov was detained in the morning. When it found 3,600 euros and 12 thousand rubles - a share, according to the confessions of the mediation.
In the afternoon of the same number of private security MIA Yakovlev came to work. I do not find anything, but taken to the conversation. Andrei Sergeyevich was not set to a sociable way:

"Anything specific I can not explain for a long time do not eat, do not feel well, I wish to consult with a lawyer" - he dictated the operative and signed in the explanatory.

There, in Goosby, interrogated another operative Admiralty Ministry of Internal Affairs Yuriy Tkal. His interest in and familiarity with Bykadorova Yakovlev, Finnish money. All the questions he answered referring to the 51-th article of the Constitution which guarantees the right not to incriminate himself.

In nearby St. Petersburg office management Goosby was a report to the head of the UK GSM in St. Petersburg Alexander Claus. It was found, allegedly, that Yakovlev brokered Bykadorova Tkalya and received a bribe of 29 thousand euros, 365 thousand rubles.

"The collected information can be grounds for a criminal object of" bribe "and" Mediation in bribery, "- has expressed his opinion Goosby and enclosed 264 sheet declassified operational developments in the hope of immediate searches in apartments of those persons.

Yakovlev with Bykadorova wove and brought to GUS UK in St. Petersburg.

However, the management of the investigator in the investigation of particularly important cases Manaf, examining the submissions, bribery has not seen, searches are not authorized and ordered: to initiate a criminal case under article 159 of the Criminal Code "Fraud" in relation Bykadorova who misled the Finnish business regarding allegedly available to it possibility to return the seized servers. The remaining claims were not available.

- Clear the room, gentlemen, can not breathe! - Pushing for the exit Yakovleva and wove.

But once it comes to raw operative, not with your hands particularly important investigators spend time on it. Materials sent to the Admiralty Division. It happened with the case of another magic. Bykadorov changed testimony, saying that repents of fraud only in 3600 euros and 12 thousand rubles. The rest of the money in fact not found. Civil suit Finn Penny, respectively, the defendant not guilty.

Servers businessman returned.

Andrei Yakovlev left the place of service. He settles in September the office in the Main Investigation Department on Ligovsky Avenue. Career logical. Andrey Yakovlev - a hereditary police inspector. His father, Lieutenant General Sergey Yakovlev, headed by the Investigation Department of Federal Drug Control Service Russia until the abolition of the agency in the spring of 2016 to 2007. Now headed by the liquidation commission.

Bykadorova criminal case to court. He agreed to a special procedure for the hearing. The process will begin on December 26th. Yakovlev and wove witness claimed.