The former general director of the NGO named after Lavochkin, Sergey Lemeshevsky, went to jail

Babushkinsky district court of Moscow found it dangerous to leave the former space top manager on the loose.
Babushkinsky court of Moscow authorized the arrest of the former general director of the NGO named after Lavochkin Sergey Lemeshevsky and the head of the department of legal support of the association Ekaterina Averyanova. They are accused of embezzling 332.5 million rubles. through unjustified payments to the Tretyakov and Partners law firm. In court, the defendants and their defense tried to convince the court that cooperation with lawyers was of a purely civil nature, they can not interfere with the investigation and therefore there are no grounds for arrest, but the court decided otherwise.

The beginning of the trial was marked by a skirmish between the defense and the representative of the investigation. The lawyer of the general director of the NGO saw that in the documents submitted by the investigation to the court, Mr. Lemeshevsky was called Sergey Anatolyevich, whereas in fact he was Sergey Antonovich. "Who are we arresting here? This is another person, "said the defender. In response, the investigator stated that this was a technical error. Vladimir Nikitin, chairman of the commission, agreed with him: there is a copy of the passport of the person under investigation in the case, which excludes the error in determining his identity.

Justifying his request for the arrest of Sergei Lemeshevsky, the representative of the Moscow Main Investigation Department of the Investigative Committee of Russia (GKU SKR) told the court that, while remaining at large, the former general director of the NGO named after Lavochkin may abscond from the investigation, since he has relatives abroad. In confirmation, the investigator provided operational information to the FSB. In addition, the representative of the investigation said, Mr. Lemeshevsky has extensive contacts in law enforcement agencies and power structures, due to which he can influence the course of the investigation. At the same time, former subordinates of the director general are witnesses in the case, and he can "persuade them to testify in a favorable side for themselves".

As it was said in the materials read in the court, the criminal case against Sergey Lemeshevsky and Ekaterina Averyanova was initiated by the head of the State Security Service of the Russian Federation for the Moscow Region, Andrei Markov, on July 20. According to the investigation materials, "in spite of the legitimate interests of the enterprise", the defendants concluded contracts with the Tretyakov and Partners Law Office without holding a tender. Realizing that lawyers do not provide services, the defendants nevertheless paid the amounts specified in the contracts, "guided by personal self-interest".

At the same time, as witnesses say - NGO employees, the contracts not only did not pass the necessary approvals in the profile divisions, but also disappeared from them. And the lawyers of the enterprise told the investigation that in the courts they did not see lawyers from the bureau who, according to the contracts, were to participate in litigation. As a result, the investigation believes, the "budget system of the country" was damaged.

Mr. Lemeshevsky and Ms Averyanova did not admit guilt on the interrogations. They said that it was about minor violations in civil transactions that deserved disciplinary punishment. Prizes to lawyers were actually paid, but nobody had any intention to steal.

At the same time, as it follows from the materials of the investigation, the head of the law firm Gory Tretyakov was charged in absentia, and he was declared a federal wanted list.

The defense, in turn, offered to put Mr. Lemeshevsky under house arrest, under which he could be in his own house of 252 square meters. m on an 18-hectare site in the village of Terekhovo near Moscow. At the same time, the lawyer noted that the Roskosmos statement refers to 92 million rubles. damage, and not about 332.5 million, which the investigation says. The investigator objected to this, that the searches were completed recently and not all documents have been summarized and filed.

The FSB security certificate was named as a method of pressure on the court, noting that there is no other evidence of Mr. Lemeshevsky's intent to hinder the investigation in the case. Mr. Lemeshevsky himself, who looked frankly depressed in the "glass", also asked not to be sent under arrest. The defendant said that outside Russia he has relatives only in Belarus and Kazakhstan, and his passport is in the cadre of NGOs, since he has "the first form of admission (to state. -" b ")." The accused also noted that he had already written a statement of resignation, so he can not influence the employees of the NGO. "When I joined the association, the amount of claims filed against us by Roskosmos amounted to 5.7 billion rubles," he said. "We immediately lost two lawsuits, and I realized that the company would soon become bankrupt. I had to look for non-standard methods of action. " According to the ex-director, as a result, the situation radically improved.

In a similar scenario, a meeting was held, at which the application of the CJR on the arrest of Catherine Averyanova was considered. As a result, the court sent both accused under arrest until 19 September.

Meanwhile, the company "Tretyakov and Partners" issued a statement stating that Igor Tretyakov and his family are in Irkutsk, where a Baikal Jet Fest is held on Lake Baikal from July 25 to 29, 2018. The trip was planned in mid-June, the statement said, and the fact of the initiation of a criminal case against Mr. Tretyakov was announced on the morning of July 25, when investigators came to the law firm with a search. At this time, the lawyer was in Irkutsk. "However, Igor Tretyakov is ready to cooperate with the investigation, is available through means of communication, is ready at any time to provide all necessary information and, if necessary, to interrupt his vacation," the statement said.