The former head of Rosbank accused of extorting money will get 26 million rubles

The former chair of the board of Rosbank, Vladimir Golubkov, accused of extorting money, entered into a settlement agreement with his former employer and will now receive the so-called golden parachute. 
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Ex-head of Rosbank Vladimir Golubkov, accused of extorting a businessman capital of $ 1.5 million, has concluded a settlement agreement with the bank, from which he had previously been dismissed on grounds of compromising. Golubkov has made changes in the wording of his dismissal, so he now receives from Rosbank "golden parachute" of $ 26 million rubles.

About reconciliation Golubkov and Rosbank became known at a meeting of the Meshchansky District Court of Moscow, where he filed a lawsuit against former employer. The workbook in Golubkov as grounds for dismissal recorded "a single gross violation of labor discipline", but the former banker himself insisted that this wording was changed to "dismissal by the decision of the Board of Directors." In this case, as the GOLUBKOV Rosbank top manager can count on solid compensation. In his lawsuit, he explained that his powers under the labor contract has been extended until September 2014, however, the Board of Directors of Rosbank has terminated the contract, after which he was dismissed from the post of Chairman of the Board.

Golubkov also demanded to restore his nwork, collect the premium for the years 2010-2012, as well as wages from the date of dismissal.

As it turned out during the meeting, Rosbank has agreed to change the wording Golubkov layoffs and pay him an allowance of more than 26 million rubles. In turn, the ex-chairman of the bank waives all claims.

As previously reported on the official website of Rosbank, Golubkov was hired in 1999. And in 2001 he was appointed Deputy Chairman of the Board. Bank presidency he won in 2008. Now his duties passed to the first deputy chairman of the bank Igor Antonov.

Vladimir Golubkov was arrested May 15, 2013 in Moscow. Along with him as part of the same criminal investigation police detained senior vice president of Rosbank Tamara Polyanitsynu. Victims in the case are currently the co-owner of "eco-friendly office" holding well-known musician and producer Andrei Kovalev and his ex-wife Tatiana.

Immediately after the arrest in May 2013, a former banker, was placed under house arrest. However, in August Presnensky courtI changed the measure of restraint for him by sending in jail custody till October 16, 2013. The reason for this was the request of the investigator, who believes that GOLUBKOV not comply with the terms of house arrest: communicated to the driver and unknown people broke the rules of the road. All known investigators property of ex-banker, currently under arrest.

According to investigators, the head of Rosbank Vladimir Golubkov learned that one of the bank's borrowers - capital company "Prestige Auto 1" (specializing in real estate transactions) - in talks on restructuring its debt to the bank. CEO of the company was then Tatiana Kovaleva, a deputy was listed as her ex-husband Andrei Kovalev. Businessmen want to extend the maturity of the loan, which they took in Rosbank in November 2007, as well as to reduce the interest rate.

Investigators believe that GOLUBKOV decided to earn some money, but "in order to protect themselves from possible exposure" has asked to negotiate with the leadership of "Prestige Auto 1" his subordinate - Seniorits vice-president of the bank Tamara Polyanitsynu. For a positive decision to extend the maturity of the loan and reduce the interest rate, as the investigators believe GOLUBKOV promised to repay it with money.

Polyanitsyna agreed and in September 2012 began negotiations with Andrei and Tatiana Kovaleva. According to the investigation, for the conclusion of an additional loan agreement with more favorable conditions for them it is at the request of the head of Rosbank has requested $ 1.5 million. Businessmen transferred to the address of the $ 1.2 million Golubkov, and then said to the police about the extortion.