The former head of the Antipinsky Oil Refinery Gennady Lisovichenko will be looking in Europe

Investigators intend to declare the former head of the Antipinsky Oil Refinery on the international wanted list. In Russia, he is suspected of concluding an unfavorable contract for an enterprise.
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According to preliminary information, the former general director of the Antipinsky Oil Refinery (NPZ) may be hiding abroad, Olesya Yevseyeva, senior inspector of the Investigation Department of the Investigative Committee of the Tyumen Region of Russia, told RBC.

She explained that "this is only one of the versions of its location." “If it is established that he is abroad, only then Lisovichhenko will be put on the international wanted list,” she noted.

The former head of the Antipinsky Oil Refinery is suspected of concluding a knowingly unfavorable contract with damage to the enterprise of more than 35 million rubles. The prosecution intend to present him under Part 1 of Art. 201 of the Criminal Code (abuse of authority). Earlier, the UK reported that it is trying to establish the location of the suspect. He faces up to four years in prison. Since the founding of the plant in 2004 until November 2018, this position was held by Gennady Lisovich.

Earlier, RBC also reported that in relation to the former main owner of Antipinsky Oil Refinery Dmitry Mazurov a criminal case was opened under Part 4 of Art. 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (fraud committed by an organized group or on a large scale or resulting in the deprivation of a citizen’s right to housing). Lisovichenko is doing the same thing as Mazurov.

In May 2019, the Antipinsky Oil Refinery asked the court to declare it bankrupt. Almost simultaneously, the current main shareholder of the company, Sberbank, turned to law enforcement agencies with a request to initiate a criminal case against the former top managers of the Antipinsky Oil Refinery. According to the bank, Mazurov and Lisovichenko, when receiving loans, concealed the fact that the plant had major liabilities to third parties on non-market conditions, while the funds were taken abroad.

Mazurov was detained at Sheremetyevo Airport, now he has been placed in jail. During the court hearing, as the repressor stopped, the former owner of the oil refinery stated that the management of Sberbank was putting pressure on the investigation, and also said that he himself had been subjected to pressure from the creditor regarding control over the oil refinery. The bank managed to gain control over the largest independent refinery in Russia on artificially created grounds, Mazurov said.

He said that 80% of the shares of Antipinsky Oil Refinery were transferred to Sberbank on account of debt, which at that time amounted to a total of $ 2.9 billion. “The bank took the plant with an estimate higher by several million dollars than the estimate of all the company's loans. From their own words (representatives of Sberbank. - RBC) [these shares] arrange them as a surrender asset [on account of debt], ”said Mazurov, adding that the bank had notified him of the asset withdrawal and that this asset was satisfactory to the lender.