The former head of Transaero is on the international wanted list

Alexander Burdin is accused of embezzlement, non-payment of salaries to employees and abuse of authority.
The Meshchansky District Court received a petition from the Moscow Interregional Investigation Department on the transport of the TFR about the absentee arrest of the former director general of Transaero Airlines Alexander Burdin. He is accused in absentia by the Ministry of Internal Affairs in committing crimes under Part 4 of Art. 160, part 2 of Art. 201 and part 2 of Art. 145.1 of the Criminal Code (embezzlement in a particularly large amount, abuse of authority and non-payment of wages, respectively).

At the same time, it should be noted that if the article "on wages" is not arrest, the other two, providing for up to ten years of deprivation of liberty, on the contrary, are serious and implying imprisonment in the remand prison. Mr. Burdin is on the international wanted list. "With respect to Burdin, the investigation requests that a preventive measure be taken in the form of detention for a period of two months, which will be calculated from the time of his extradition to the territory of the Russian Federation, or from the moment of his detention in Russia," the court said.

Rosaviatsia canceled the certificate of Transaero on October 26, 2015, following an unscheduled audit of the financial and economic state of the company. The reason for verification was a deterioration in flight safety, financial performance and the initiation of bankruptcy cases. It was not possible to challenge the Rosaviation decision in the Transaero court. In September 2017, the carrier was finally declared bankrupt.

Alexander Burdin, as an anti-crisis manager, headed Transaero after the insolvency announcement began. In September 2017, Mr. Burdin was appointed CEO of another airline - VIM-Avia. A month later, in October of the same year, the validity of the VIM-Avia certificate was suspended due to debts. In the same month the company was headed by ex-deputy director of Transaero Vyacheslav Kononenko. Alexander Burdin "did not take up duties for organizational reasons," explained the carrier.