The former owner of the Rossiyskiy Kredit Bank Anatoly Motylev was declared bankrupt

The court began the procedure for the sale of his property.
The Moscow Arbitration Court declared the former beneficiary of the "Russian Credit" Anatoly Motylev bankrupt, RIA Novosti reports from the courtroom.

The court appointed a procedure for the sale of property for a period of six months. The register of claims of creditors of the ex-banker included debts of more than 22.5 billion rubles. Most of them originated from the banker's guarantee on loans of the "Russian credit".

Motylev was declared bankrupt by the suit of offshore "Flavori Development Limited" from the British Virgin Islands for 974 million rubles. Since January 2017, Motylev has been restructuring debts. Motyleva filed for bankruptcy earlier with another virgin offshore company, Camilla Property Limited, but later the company withdrew the application. The Deposit Insurance Agency (DIA) also tried to bankrupt the businessman. Finally, in November 2016 Motylev himself tried to initiate his own bankruptcy.

Motylev was the owner of the lost license and bankrupt in 2015, the bank "Russian Credit". The hole in the bank's capital was estimated at 111 billion rubles, the general claims of creditors exceeded 123 billion rubles.

The banking group controlled by Motylev also included Tula Industrialist, AMB Bank and M-Bank. The withdrawal of the license from the Motylev banks became the largest insured event in the history of the DIA before the collapse of Yugra. In addition to banks, the Central Bank also annulled licenses in seven under the control of the Motylev NPF with 50 billion rubles. pension savings.

After the collapse of financial organizations Motylev disappeared from the public field. In the summer of 2016 a representative of the Investigative Committee confirmed to Vedomosti that criminal proceedings had been instituted against Motylev under Part 4 of Art. 159 of the Criminal Code (fraud committed by an organized group on an especially large scale). We can talk about fraud on more than 1 billion rubles. in the controlled Motelevu M-bank.

In February and March 2016, the Basmanny Court authorized searches and seizures in the apartments and houses of Motylev, wrote Kommersant. According to the source of the publication, after searches of all Russian property and the assets of the ex-banker, and these are several apartments and land in the Odintsovo district of the Moscow region, the Basmanny District Court seized with a view to paying off possible damage at the request of the investigation. Later, on May 23, the Moscow City Court partially granted Motylev's complaint, removing the arrest from a small part of the banker's property.