The former owners of Trust will be assessed in absentia

The investigation petitioned for the arrest of the bankers.
As the "Kommersant", the Main Investigation Department of Research Affairs in Moscow sent to the Tverskoy District Court of the capital requests for arrest in absentia of bank owners "Trust" Ilya Yurov, Nikolai Fetisov and Sergey Belyaev. All of them are accused of organizing multi-billion dollar embezzlement of funds depositors of the credit institution. If the court satisfies the request of the investigation, all the accused are on the wanted list.

The Tverskoy court "b" have confirmed that they received a request investigation of the arrest of the former chairman of the board of directors of the bank "Trust" Ilya Yurov and former members of the Bank Board of Directors Nikolay Fetisov and Sergey Belyaev. All three of them until December of last year were at the same time the largest shareholder of "Trust". As explained in the court, the application will be considered on December 17 as well as all former co-owners of the bank's long since left Russia, the consideration will be held in their absence.

As previously reported by "Kommersant", in December last year, the Central Bank decided to sanitize was on the brink of ruin "Trust". According to estimates deputy chairman Mikhail Sukhov, the size of the "hole" in the bank at the time of a Listingtion of his rehabilitation was estimated at 67.8 billion rubles. The sanatorium has been selected the bank "Opening", which has received for this purpose from the Deposit Insurance Agency 127 billion rubles. This is the third in size the amount allocated for such purposes, after the payment of rescue of Bank of Moscow and MOSOBLBANK. Once validated, a credit institution auditors of the Central Bank Mr. Sukhov said falsifying bank statements and report to the regulator highlighted that its shareholders "did not wish in any way in the future to participate in the life and activities of the bank." In January of this year, the Bank of Russia decided that the "Trust" is actively used in the work scheme for credit borrowers without leading real economic activity and the financing of "investment projects, not bringing cash flows", he appealed to law enforcement agencies.

In April 2015, against the owners and managers of "Trust" Main Investigation Department of Research Affairs in Moscow opened a criminal case under Part. 4 Art. 159 of the Criminal Code (fraud on a large scale). According to the investigation, for not less than Thtwo years as a criminal scheme of embezzlement of funds depositors. To this end, according to the materials of the case, from 2012 to 2014 were approved and signed bogus credit agreements and loan agreements by which customers money withdrawn from the bank under the control of the leadership of "Trust" offshore companies. In particular, as the recipient of the money called TIB Investments Limited, owned in January 2015, co-owners of "Trust" Ilya Yurov, Sergey Belyaev, and Nikolay Fetisov. According to preliminary estimates of the investigation, only in this way from a credit institution not less than 7.05 billion rubles were withdrawn., As well as $ 118.3 million.

The first involved in the case have become senior managers "Trust". Last summer, former and were arrested. about. Chairman of the Board Oleg Dikusar and CFO Eugene Romak. Now, according to their protection, CSO intends to allocate their business in a separate proceeding, and then send them to the court.

If the December 17 Court will decide on absentee arrest of Ilya Yurov, Sergey Belyaev and Nikolay Fetisov, soon all three will be announced first to the FederalAnd then in the international search. At the moment, the former co-owners of "Trust", "b" according to sources, live in the UK and Australia.