The founder of Zara became the richest man in the world

According to the Forbes ranking of billionaires, which is calculated in real-time, the founder of a chain of shops Zara Amancio Ortega has beaten Microsoft founder Bill Gates and become the richest businessman of the planet.
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Spanish businessman Amancio Ortega, founder of the Zara store on which clothing retailer of the world's largest Inditex created, came in first place in the World ranking of Forbes billionaires, ousting him from the Microsoft founder Bill Gates. Ortega with a fortune of $ 79.7 billion was the leader in real-time version of the rating, which takes into consideration the daily changes in stock prices.

According to Forbes, for the last day of the Spanish state businessman grew by 5.2%, or by $ 3.9 billion as at October 23, 2015 is Bill Gates ($ 78.1 billion) in second place in this ranking:. For his condition day increased by 0.7%, or by $ 572 million. third place went to investor Warren Buffett with the assessment of the state of $ 64.4 billion.

A similar rating is also to Bloomberg (Bloomberg Billioners Index), however, in his estimation, 22 October Ortega took the second place with a fortune of $ 75.7 billion, and in the first place remained Bill Gates and Bloomberg estimates the state of Microsoft founder is much higher - $ 83 , 8 billion.

In the annual ranking of Forbes 2015 Ortega takes the fourth place with a fortune of $ 64.5 billion, leading Bill Gates ($ 79.2 billion), to be followed by MexicanENGLISH billionaire Carlos Slim, with a fortune of $ 77.1 billion, the top three closes Warren Buffett ($ 72.7 billion).

Amancio Ortega was born in the family of an employee of the railway in the town Busdongo in the northwest of Spain in March 1936, six months before the start of the country's civil war. When the child was only three months old, the family moved to the city of Tolosa in the Basque Country, because his father got a job of the station.

Ortega was considered a wealthy family, and in 13 years Amancio quit high school and began working to help support his family. By the time he was a year lived with his parents in La Coruña, in the province of Galicia: in 1948 his father was sent back to the north-western part of the country.

The first place of work was a small shop Amancio studio Camiseria Gala, where he held the position of sales assistant (in fact, messenger). At 17 he went to work for a small network of haberdashery La Maja, in the county owns three shops and a warehouse. Also starting from the position of assistant, Ortega later became a salesman, traveling salesman and finally manager. In 1960, as an assistant, who once-That held Amancio came a girl named Rosalia Mera. In 1966, the pair played the wedding.

During these years, Ortega received in La Maja necessary commercial experience, thought about starting their own business. The first employees of his company - sellers, seamstresses - were members of his family and his young bride. From the first years of business existence Ortega formulated the principle used by them to this day: the creation of fashionable and high quality, but cheap clothing by reducing the costs of textiles and rapid realization of the product, from design sketches to the counter.

In 1975 Ortega opened in La Coruna the first store under the brand Zara, which operates to this day. For several years, a network of ready-made clothing stores spread throughout Spain, and by the mid-1980s, he decided to diversify its business, started working for the various categories of the population. In 1985, on the basis of Zara Ortega created Inditex holding company, which later united all brands businessman. In the next few years, Inditex includes companies such as Massimo Dutti, Bershka, Pull & Bear and others. With revenue of € 18,1 bn, with net profit of € 2.51 billion as of the end of 2014 Inditex is a major concern in the fashion industry.

In parallel, Ortega spent international expansion: in 1988 he opened the first Zara store in Portugal, in a year - in New York, since 1990, its shops appeared in Paris in the Middle East and Japan. The first Zara store in Russia opened in 2003. On 86 October 2015 Zara stores from 2.1 thousand. The whole world was opened in Russia. In the Russian market are holding eight major brands, operating in Russia 465 thousand from 6.7. Of retail outlets of the company.