The FSB came to Rosreestr for space images

The investigators are trying to find out why the officials accepted the work done by ScanEx company, since it will cost the budget 10 million rubles to redo it.
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FSB and Investigative Committee visited the new searches of the Federal Service for State Registration, Cadastre and Cartography (Rosreestr), as well as his partner and a major supplier of satellite maps - Engineering Technology Center "ScanEx". Operatives seized documents there that can now be the new episodes in the scandalous criminal case of financial fraud by 23.9 billion rubles, identified by the Office of the Accounting Chamber. Thus, according to investigators, during the execution of a contract for 1.3 billion rubles for the preparation of maps for goskadastra "ScanEx" property violated its terms, photographed nearly 300 square meters of space. km of snow-covered areas. Officials Rosreestra safely took the job, but now it will have to redo. It will cost an additional nearly 10 million rubles.

Sources of "News" in the police said that the reason for the searches was the new criminal case against officials Rosreestra in early October, according to the article. 293 of the Criminal Code ( "negligence"). In Rosreestra operatives seized documents relating to federaltarget program "Creation of Real Estate Cadastre 2006-2012": maps, competitive and financial records.

Shortly before the seizure took place in ITC "ScanEx", which is the largest supplier of satellite maps. This company performed government contract to develop a cartographic basis for the state cadastre of real estate worth about 1.3 billion rubles. Investigators suspect the company in a variety of disorders that may result in new criminal cases.

"ScanEx" was to create the basis for the state cadastre of real estate, land and photographing objects from space.

- Under the terms of the contract, space shooting was carried out in the snow-free period. According to the experts of JSC "Sovzond", Federal State Unitary Enterprise "State Research and Production Center" Nature "and FSUE" Gosgistsentr "in the" RDC "submissions contained images 272.7 thousand sq. M. km of snow-covered areas totaling about 10 million rubles - told "Izvestia" a source. - Guarantees obligations on satellite imagery data do not apply, so the state will have to redo them, selecting from the budget an additional nearly 10 million rubles.

According to investigators, the state commission, which included officials Rosreestra, December 22, 2011 signed a memorandum of under performed "RDC" work the terms of reference and adopted them in full.

- In this case, no one checked for completeness, quality of design and conformity of the delivered products with the requirements of legislative and regulatory acts. As a result, "ScanEx", without having a license FSB to work with documents of state secrets, prepared a map which was planned to place in the public domain, - he told "Izvestia" a source in law enforcement. - Meanwhile, these data refer to state secret and forbidden to publish.

According to him, the state cadastre of real estate, which was supposed to appear on the results of the implementation of the federal program, also has not been established.

Despite the claims of the TFR, the company "ScanEx" is preparing to take part in the tender for the supply ofsatellite images on the new approved the federal target program "Development of a unified state system of rights and cadastral registration of real estate registration in the 2014-2019 years." On this program has already allocated 54 billion rubles. A week ago it was reported that 90% of "RDC" can buy a Russian billionaire Arkady Rotenberg. The remaining 10% will still be owned by Vladimir and Olga Gershenzon company owners.

Representatives of the "RDC" not able to quickly comment on "News" claims on the part of the investigation under the contract for the preparation of cartographic basis.

The Russian Ministry of Economic Development, whose department is Rosreestr, commented on the new edition carefully searched.

- Operational activities are carried out in the framework for officials Rosreestra in the implementation of the federal target program "Development of the system of Real Estate Cadastre 2006-2012" and on the basis of the materials prepared for the audit of the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation, initiated by the Ministry of Economic Development and Rosreestra fall of 2012 criminal cases on the facts of the negligence of the year,- Reported in the department. - The audit showed that the claims in respect of misuse of public funds are fair.

The large-scale test in Rosreestra completed in July this year. The auditors of the Accounting Chamber and the Federal Security Service have studied the results of execution of the subprogram "Creation of real estate cadastre system" under the Federal Program "Development of an automated implementation of the system of the State Land Cadastre and State Registration of Real Estate".

Implementation of routines meant the emergence of real estate goskadastra to create a framework for the taxation of land, real estate and rights to them. However, on January 1, 2013 inventory and has not been created, despite the fact that the realization of routines have been spent tens of billions of rubles.

The audit revealed financial irregularities amounting to 23.9 billion rubles, including misappropriation of funds in the amount of 2.5 billion rubles.

Major violations occurred in the sphere of IT-infrastructure and IT-technologies, as well as mapping, which oversaw Rosreestra Deputy Sergei Rosreestra Sapelnikov. The Fathere pointed out that he provided false information on the expenditure of funds routines without any explanation on the facts of violations identified by auditors. The officer was dismissed from the service, and in the beginning of September, being the bearer of state secrets, had gone abroad without the permission of the FSB and the Ministry of Economic Development. At the same time, he became involved in the case of negligence, which initiated the Investigation Committee.

The source of "Izvestia" in the government said that after the scandal in Rosreestra discussed new candidate for the post of head of department. Natalia successor Antipina can become the auditor of the Accounting Chamber, Igor Vasiliev, who conducted the test Rosreestra. Recall that recently, he left the Chamber of Accounts.