The FSB found a 74-year-old spy in TSNIIMash

Lefortovo Court of Moscow took into custody Viktor Kudryavtsev, whom the Chekists accused of issuing secrets of the hypersonic miracle weapon "one of the NATO countries."
Viktor Kudryavtsev, a 74-year-old researcher at the Central Research Institute of Machine Building (TsNIIMash), was arrested by the Lefortovo court in Moscow after the FSB announced that the scientist was involved in the transfer of classified information on hypersonic technologies to one of NATO countries. According to Kommersant's information, in the near future a special commission under the leadership of Rosmosmos deputy general director Sergey Demin will start the analysis of flights, the issue of changing the status of the institute and strengthening control over its activities will depend on the results of its work. Control, however, will intensify in the near future: the head of the state corporation Dmitry Rogozin instructed to equip in the TsNIIMash territory for himself a cabinet where he intends to spend part of his working time.

The fact that the defendant in the Lefortovo detention center is charged with an accused under Art. 275 of the Criminal Code (high treason) 74-year-old employee of the Central Research Institute of the Economy Viktor Kudryavtsev, said member of the Public Monitoring Commission (OOC) of Moscow Yevgeny Enikeev. As Yenikeyev told Kommersant, he was on Saturday in Lefortovo on business that was not connected with Viktor Kudryavtsev, but after learning that he was in one of the cells, he decided to take advantage of the opportunity and asked for a meeting with the TsNIIMash employee. According to the human rights activist, the person under investigation is currently held in solitary confinement, as he is under quarantine. "Ten days later he will be transferred to a double cell," Mr. Yenikeyev said. As the arrested man himself told a member of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, FSB operatives came to his apartment in Korolev on Friday "not light dawn, raised from the bed and really did not even let them get dressed." On the same day he was taken to Moscow, where later they were charged in the Lefortovo detention center.

In the remand center, according to the human rights activist, Mr. Kudryavtsev was taken home clothes for disinfection treatment and gave out in exchange a black jacket and pants. In addition, he was read his rights, allowing correspondence with relatives. "There is little joy on Kudryavtsev's face, but he does not have any complaints, including his health," said Yevgeny Enikeev, adding that the defendant suffers from diabetes. The conversation between the human rights defender and the TsNIIMash employee lasted about 15 minutes, while Mr. Kudryavtsev managed to confirm that on Saturday Lefortovo Court of Moscow arrested him for two months, and the defense was carried out by the lawyer on purpose. "With the lawyer under the agreement, Viktor Kudryavtsev has not yet decided, however, we are already in touch with his son. He was not allowed to ask him what position he held in TsNIIMash or what he was doing, "Enikeyev added.

According to a Kommersant source in law enforcement agencies, Mr. Kudryavtsev "has been accused of transferring classified information on the technologies used in the development of hypersonic aircraft, one of the NATO countries."

"Subsequently, this information was provided for investigation by the special services of the North Atlantic alliance," the interlocutor of Kommersant added. The person under investigation, according to Kommersant's information, does not recognize. TsNIIMash does not comment on the progress of the case, Roskosmos limited itself to confirming the arrest of the scientist.

On searches in TsNIIMash and the office of Dmitry Payson, director of the Information and Analytical Department of the United Missile and Space Corporation (ORKK), Kommersant reported last Friday. According to some reports, about 12 people are being inspected in the criminal case on the state treason, but so far only accusations against Mr. Kudryavtsev are known. Colleagues describe him as a serious scientist and brilliant technologist, specializing, in particular, on the mechanics of liquids and gas. Some researches of Victor Kudryavtsev - candidate of technical sciences and laureate of the government prize - were published in profile journals. In 1975, he published an article in the Izvestia of the Academy of Sciences on "the continuous symmetrical flow around a transonic flow of cylinder-cone-shaped bodies", and in 2016 in "Cosmonautics and rocket engineering" (the magazine is published under the auspices of TsNIIMash) he co-wrote "on thermovision studies of the effect of local supply / removal of heat on the laminar-turbulent transition in the boundary layer on the cone surface. "

According to sources from Kommersant, the materials associated with Mr. Kudryavtsev's work in the Central Research Institute of Nuclear Physics are directly related to the closed topic of "hypersonic streams", which were also used in defense projects by the Tactical Missile Armament Corporation and the Almaz- Antey ". Friends of the scientist at the same time argue that in personal communication he was always a modest, neat and punctual person, "who in no way resembled a spy or a traitor."

Operatives, in turn, appeal to the results of months of work, which allowed the FSB to go to Viktor Kudryavtsev and bring him charges. Mr. Payson, in turn, is interested in the investigation as a witness: he worked at the head scientific organization of Roskosmos in 2006-2011, but even after leaving there for the Skolkovo Foundation and then at the ORKK continued to maintain close ties with the employees of the Central Research Institute of Nuclear Power, to which the FSB had questions. After the searches, as he had suggested to Kommersant, he applied for his resignation at his own request: formally this was due to the fact that there was no room for him and his department in the new organizational and staff structure formed by the new administration of Roskosmos. Debriefing on this, however, will not end: sources of Kommersant in the industry say that the case of state change will lead to a change in the status of the Central Research Institute of Nuclear Energy in the very near future.

According to their information, on Saturday the general director of the state corporation Dmitry Rogozin created a commission headed by his deputy on security Sergey Demin. In addition to assisting FSB officers in the investigation of the criminal case, it will have to develop a list of recommendations for enhancing security at the rocket and space industry. "Based on the results of the work of Sergei Anatolyevich (Demin.-" Kommersant ") on the table, the general director will be proposed to change the status of the institute and strengthen control over its activities by the state corporation," - says the source at Roskosmos. In his opinion, TsNIIMash, using its legal (FSUE) and scientific (the parent organization of the industry) status, behaved "unnecessarily independently", but now the situation will change. Moreover, according to Kommersant's information, Mr. Rogozin has already ordered to open his second cabinet in the building of the Flight Control Center (TsNIIMash's unit in Korolev). There he intends to spend part of his working time to ensure personal contact with the general designers on the topics of the prospective Soyuz-5 launch vehicle and the ultra-heavy Energy 5 missile. According to Kommersant's information, Mr. Rogozin will enter the office, where in the Soviet era the workplace of the Minister of General Mechanical Engineering of the USSR was located.