The FSB is looking for those who "merged" the questionnaires of Petrova and Boshirova

Because of the operation of counterintelligence agents from the "black market", proposals for "punching" people on special information bases disappeared.
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The FSB of the Russian Federation has begun an investigation into the leakage of the personal data of “Salsbury tourists” Alexander Petrov and Ruslan Boshirov. We are talking about the publication of their application forms for obtaining passports and data on crossing the border of the Russian Federation from the Raspasport and Relocation systems.

According to Rosbalt, a source familiar with the situation is now searching for those individuals who have sold the questionnaires and other documents to Petrov and Boshirov containing personal data to journalists (or other persons).

“This is not about the fact that due to this information, there were some revelations. All this is the thought and guesswork made from scratch. Thus, any questionnaire can be turned upside down, and the person filling it in can be turned into anyone. Just such information containing personal data should not be in free circulation. There have already been serious incidents when such “punching” was used both by representatives of the crime and by Western special services, including Ukrainian ones. Suffice it to recall the list "Peacemaker", containing personal data about people. Very serious measures will be taken against those who allowed a “leak”, the official said. According to him, it has already been established that the leak of the questionnaires about Petrov and Boshirov occurred through the line of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, and the employee who “drained” the data did not know who he was selling the documents for. Just "fulfilled" the order.

Such events of the FSB have affected the “black market” of services for the provision of “classified” information. In particular, now for any money it is impossible to buy data from the “Rospassport” system and the system in which human movements across the border of Russia are recorded.

It is worth noting that this is far from the first attempt of counterintelligence to curb the existence of a “black market” for trading in extracts from their various “closed bases”. In particular, operational activities were carried out after the murders of Yuri Budanov and Boris Nemtsov, as well as a number of other "high-profile" crimes. In all cases, the criminals were holding “secret information” about future victims: information about registration, places of work, residence, owned cars, etc.

The FSB events also took place after statements began to appear in the Ukrainian Peacemaker base, containing personal data of the persons included in it. But the largest operation took place at the time when counterintelligence officers had information that the United States was using information from “closed” Russian bases when drawing up sanctions lists, in particular, they determine property belonging to officials, businessmen and their relatives. Private investigators are periodically delayed, who provide clients with “secret” information.

However, tangible results such actions do not bring. Usually, after the FSB operations, extracts from those or other online databases disappear from the black-market proposals. But after a couple of months, the trade in information begins again.