The FSO General was accused of assisting the "construction OPG"

According to the investigation, the general was protecting a criminal group that stole 1.5 billion rubles at the Ogarevo-53 facility, the residence of Russian President Vladimir Putin.
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The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation brought charges of embezzlement to the head of the engineering and technical support service (SITO) of the FSO of Russia Major-General Igor Vasiliev. The events took place within the framework of the embezzlement of funds for the reconstruction of the presidential residence in Novo-Ogarevo. According to the investigation, senior FSO employees and owners of Baltstroy group of companies earned 1.5 billion rubles for air conditioners, roofing and special working conditions at the Ogaryovo-53 facility.

As a source familiar with the situation told Rosbalt, according to the version of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, the main leader of the criminal group and its creator was the St. Petersburg billionaire, now the former owner of the Bronco port, co-owner of the group of companies Baltstroy Dmitry Mikhalchenko. According to investigators, there were two closest deputies in the organized criminal group: the head of FSUE ATEKS FSO of the Russian Federation Andrey Kaminov and the second co-owner of GC Baltstroy Dmitry Sergeev. They led the structural divisions of the group. Also, according to the IC of the Russian Federation, Mikhalchenko involved in committing a crime - embezzlement of budgetary funds - the head of the FSO SITO Igor Vasiliev and the head of the SITO FSO Ulitina. True, if Mikhalchenko is charged with articles of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation 210 (organization of the criminal community) and 160 (misappropriation or embezzlement), then FSO representatives are only 160th.

According to the investigation, during the reconstruction of Putin's residence, Baltstroy overstated prices for air conditioning systems installed there. This involved the "daughter" of the CC - "Climate Prof". Two of its leaders - Rodionov and Perevalov - were charged for a long time, but Maltsev, the third top manager, was charged with article 160 of the Russian Criminal Code only the other day. Also Baltstroy "exorbitantly" made a roof for the residence. All this "pulled" to the damage of 225 million rubles. However, later, as SK believes, a more interesting scheme for appropriating budget money was invented.

 From the very beginning of the work at the residence, there were great difficulties with hitting the building site. Absolutely all of them had to obtain admission to the presence on the secret facility, each time they went through a full inspection, etc. And the truck's passage with rubble or concrete mixers turned into a real epic. Drivers were landed at the gates of the residence, the car was examined for a very long time, including - with the help of special equipment, then another driver with a "permit" got into the car and only then she drove into the territory. Due to security problems, the work progressed very slowly, with delays. In order to somehow get close to the right time, the construction was constantly carried out during non-working hours. As a result, Baltstroy set the question to FSO that it is impossible to conduct the work at the residence according to the standard salary coefficients. FSO, having coordinated this issue with the Ministry of Construction, introduced increased coefficients, thanks to which Baltstroy "earned" more than 1.2 billion rubles. The total damage amounted to 1.5 billion rubles.

To legalize the appropriated funds, as the defendants who collaborated with the investigation told us, there was a system that Baltstroi's managers called "VZDS" (return of funds). The subsidiaries of the Civil Code that carried out the work transferred all the received amounts to the head office, where some of them transferred "one-day" to "fake" contracts, and then cashed. According to the UK, 15% of each appropriated amount went to Dmitry Mikhalchenko, who organized these contracts through ties to the FSO. Billionaire started up money for the construction of the port "Bronco".

 Given that in the finals of the investigation, FSO officers appeared among the accused, the case is likely to be submitted to a military court for consideration. And there the investigation can wait for the problem.

According to the interlocutor of the agency, in the case of a myriad of "inconsistencies". "It is said that the criminal group to steal funds for the reconstruction of the residence of Vladimir Putin was established in 2011. However, at that time, Putin was prime minister, it was not officially known that he would run for president. And even more so it was not known that a decision would be made to conduct a complete reconstruction of the residence in Novo-Ogarevo. Head of FSUE "ATEX" Kaminov is listed as the head of the structural subdivision of the organized criminal group, however in this structural unit, according to the case materials, there was no other participant, except Kaminov himself. The private company, whose representatives were simply not allowed to enter the facility, conducted an examination of the object on the instructions of the Russian Federation's CC, they could not study anything and could not study it live. Therefore, on what grounds the conclusions of the investigation experts are based are a big mystery. "Elevated coefficients were approved by the Ministry of Construction and the Federal Center for Price-Making. A private firm, attracted by the UK, found the decision of state structures to raise the coefficient "unreasonable". To this we can add that Mikhalchenko co-owner of Baltstroi and, of course, has legitimate reasons for getting his share from the profits of the Civil Code. 15% just fit into the shareholder's official share, but the organizer of the criminal group somehow do not pull, it's not enough. Well, most importantly, there is already a decision of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation that if the builders did all the work in full, they were accepted, there are no complaints, but suddenly there were questions about the price, this is a civil-legal relationship, and not a criminal case " , - the agency's source said.