The general director of the NGO named after Lavochkin, Sergey Lemeshevsky, became a suspect in a criminal case

Top-manager of the Russian "space corporation" was accused of fraud for 330 million rubles. Lemeshevsky is still at large, but from August 2 he will leave his post.
With regard to the Director General of the NGO. Lavochkin (95.7% of the company belongs to Roskosmos) Sergei Lemeshevsky opened a criminal investigation into fraud (Part 4, Article 159 of the Criminal Code), Interfax reported citing the press service of the state corporation. Lemeshevsky is at large. After the initiation of the case, he resigned, he will leave his post on August 2.

Acting head of the NGO them. Lavochkin appointed deputy general director for security Harun Karchaev.

In addition to Lemeshevsky, the person involved in the fraud case was the head of the Directorate of Legal Support of the NGO. Lavochkin Catherine Averyanova, the press service said. At the enterprise and at home suspects are searched.

As told in the press service, Lemeshevsky and Averyanov are suspected of embezzlement in a particularly large amount of the company's money by paying fictitiously rendered legal services by the Tretyakov and Partners law firm for the amount of 330 million rubles.

 On the pre-investigation check in the NGO it became known in early July. As Kommersant reported referring to the sources, information was checked on the system of payments of so-called "honorariums of success" operating at the enterprise to employees of the Tretyakov and Partners law firm, which, according to the newspaper, became virtually a monopoly on representing the interests of NGOs in his litigation with the main shareholder - Roskosmos.

As the sources of the publication told, the decision of the NGO leadership to choose the office of Tretyakov and Partners for the provision of legal services was influenced by Ekaterina Averyanova. Attracted lawyers received in the event of victory in court awards ("fees of success"), the size of which was 8% of the amount of "winnings", writes Kommersant. They, according to the publication, were paid out of budgetary funds allocated for the performance of state contracts.

 For two years, according to the auditors, 23 agreements were concluded between the NGO and the law firm. And, as the sources of the publication told, they were all concluded in violation of the law "On Procurement of Goods, Works, Services by Individual Types of Legal Entities" and provisions on purchases of Roskosmos. At the same time, the contracts themselves were not subject to VAT, they did not stipulate the procedure for termination and responsibility of the parties, there was no justification for the cost of services.

"Roskosmos" at the pre-investigation stage provided the prosecutor's office and the Investigative Committee with the necessary assistance, the press service said: according to the direction of the general director of the state corporation Dmitry Rogozin on this fact, the financial and economic activities of the NGO im. Lavochkin. The deadline for the completion of the inspection is August 3, and its materials will be sent to the investigation. In addition, Rogozin instructed to conduct annual attestation of enterprise managers and the industry as a whole, the press service stressed.

NGO them. Lavochkina is a leading enterprise in the rocket and space industry that conducts work on the design, fabrication, testing and complex development of key automated space vehicles for basic scientific research.