The Government of the Saratov region recognized the problem of over-saturation of the new housing market in the region

The Government of the Saratov region and developers recognized the existence of a crisis in the primary housing market, the fault of which they consider the low incomes of the inhabitants of the region.
The Minister of Construction and Housing of the Saratov Region, Dmitriy Tepin, admitted that the market for new housing is oversaturated in the region and a significant part of it is not for sale. The official said this at a meeting of the regional government dedicated to the construction. According to him, 360,000 sq. M. Are still unsold. m of housing - despite the fact that the planned entry rate for the current year is 1.2 million square meters. m. Developers talk about low purchasing power and predict a decrease in the volume of housing commissioning. Realtors, on the contrary, note stable demand and talk about low interest in direct sales of the developers themselves.

The government of the Saratov region recognized the problem of over-saturation of the new housing market in the region. The topic was discussed yesterday at a meeting of the regional government. The Minister of Construction and Housing of the region Dmitry Tepin noted that in the first half of this year 394 thousand square meters were commissioned. m housing, has already erected 29 houses, the average cost per square meter in the primary market amounted to 37.04 thousand rubles. Mr. Tepin drew attention to the fact that at the beginning of this year there was a decline in the pace of housing construction, but later the situation improved, and the volume of input exceeded last year's figures by 2%. According to the plan, this year in the region should be introduced 1.2 million square meters. m of housing.

Mr. Tepin said that as of June 1, 2018, 8,366 mortgage housing loans worth 13 billion rubles were issued in the Saratov region. - 1.7 times more than in the first half of 2017. The governor of the region Valery Radaev said that for the next year the housing construction plan is 1 million square meters. Now, according to the head of the region, 0.48 sq. m. m per person.

Answering the question of the head of the Public Chamber of the Saratov region Alexander Lando about the reasons for the low demand for new apartments, Dmitry Tepin admitted that the announced plan of 1 million square meters. m of housing - too much and in the area to date, "idle" 360 thousand square meters. The head of Saratov Mikhail Isayev noted that about 40% of the apartments built in the regional center are not populated. Mr. Tepin said that the market is saturated and the situation must be accepted.

The head of the Engels district, Alexander Streliukhin, at a government meeting said that housing is not for sale, because developers are selling unfinished apartments. "They are renting bare concrete walls, no communications. Not everyone is interested in moving in and then completing a year of completion, so that at least somehow one can live in it, "said Mr. Streliukhin.

General Director of Shaldom, Baitemir Shamkhalov, says that the reason for the fact that housing remains unsold is that there can be only a lack of funds from the population. "There is no other reason. Housing is not all provided, the need for it is available. At the same time in the Saratov region the price per square meter is one of the lowest in Russia. And even at this price they can not afford an apartment, "the developer notes. Chairman of the Board of GC "Lepta" Yakov Streltsin agrees that in the region there is overstocking in the primary housing market. "We have a very high offer, so the volume of construction will decrease. The economy of developers is such that no one can work for a warehouse and statistics, housing is taxes on real estate, utilities and so on. Therefore, companies carry out actions to sell their existing apartments, "- said Mr. Streltsin.

At the same time, Saratov realtors do not see a decrease in demand in the primary housing market. So, the head of the department of new buildings of the agency "Etazhi" in Saratov Alexei Kuzin says that there really is a traditional problem in the low purchasing power of Saratovites. "Although the situation is gradually improving, mortgage rates are falling. We do not see a situation of overstocking, on the contrary, the offer is gradually decreasing. Prices are steadily growing throughout the year. The number of new buildings is less than before 2014, demand is not falling, but, according to our data, on the contrary is growing. So all the apartments will be gradually redeemed, "Mr. Kuzin said.

The head of the agency "Your Realtor" Olga Maksimova says that the developers themselves are not interested in going to the agencies. "They do not enter into agreements with us, despite the fact that we ask for it and can provide them with a large flow. The demand is lower than in the peak year of 2014, but it exists, and we do not understand where to send it, "says Ms Maximova.