The government supported Mikhalkov-Konchalovsky's idea on ​​fast food

The two film-makers will be assisted in getting a loan of 700 million rubles.
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At a meeting with Russian Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich was approved funding of a pilot project of culinary chain "eat at home!". The authors of the project are the brothers directors Andrei Konchalovsky and Nikita Mikhalkov. According to RBC, the project was represented at the meeting personally, Mr. Konchalovsky.

Authors startups, involves the creation of two Russian regions (Moscow and Kaluga region) network "domestic fast food" and two large kitchens, asked the state nearly 1 billion rubles for the pilot project. Budget money they get, they decided at the meeting, but the state agency credit guarantee progarantiruet restaurateurs to obtain a loan of 680 million rubles in one of the state banks (possibly Sberbank). Still about 300 million investors asked to find their own.

The Agency loan guarantees confirmed that admission of documents to support the project can Mikhalkov-Konchalovsky. Sami directors declined to comment, as the wife Konchalovsky Julia Vysotsky, which is supposed to make the face of the brand.

Recall the idea of ​​the first createdNetwork Ia "We eat at home!" on Thursday reported "Kommersant". In an explanatory note the authors of the draft explicitly states that directors hope to create a network of domestic rival Western fast food. Journalists and users of social networks largely reacted to the idea of ​​irony. The survey on the homepage showed that 93% of our readers are against the allocation of funds to restaurant project of two directors (total number of votes more than 2 thousand people). However, experts estimate the project as potentially successful - especially given the fact that Julia Vysotsky long been engaged in culinary and restaurant business.