The growth of transportation of airlines for six months increased by 11%

In January-June, 2018, it increased by 11% compared to the same period last year.
Russian airlines are increasing their traffic volumes. For the first half of the year, passenger traffic increased by 11%. Growth was demonstrated even by the affiliated airline of Aeroflot, Russia, whose figures fell in the first half of the year. The expert considers the result to be "absolutely expected" against the background of a relatively stable economic situation.

Rosaviatsiya provided operational data on the work of the 35 largest airlines in the first half of the year. During this period, air carriers serviced 51.3 million passengers, increasing the figure by 11%. In June, passenger traffic grew by 9.4%, to 11.3 million passengers. Passenger turnover in June increased by 6.5%, to 27 billion passenger-kilometers, and from January to June - by 10.9%, to 127.1 billion.

The volume of traffic of the largest airlines continued to increase. Double-digit growth was shown by S7 (by 19.5%, to 1.13 million passengers) and Ural Airlines (by 17.7%, to 914.7 thousand passengers). In addition, the airline "Rossiya", which demonstrated a negative result for a long time: plus in June the passenger traffic of the carrier grew by 0.5%, to 1.25 million passengers.

The executive director of the "Airport" Oleg Panteleev said that the intensity of operation of the park "Russia", actively cooperating with the tour operator "Biblio-Globus", increased against the backdrop of the high tourist season, which immediately affected the volume indicators. Also, the carrier performs social transportation to the Far East, which are becoming more popular during the holiday season and bring additional load to the airline.

According to the expert, the overall result of the industry in six months is "absolutely expected." "The observed growth rates are adequate relative to a stable market situation," he says, noting that the second and third quarters are those periods when companies, having felt the growth of demand, establish reasonable tariffs, which ensures the profitability of air transportation. Mr. Panteleyev added that by the autumn the prices for air tickets are beginning to fall traditionally, which can slightly speed up passenger traffic. But if a new round of price increases for aviation fuel begins, the volume of traffic may decrease, the expert concluded.