The hard life of Catherine Lavrovoy-Vinokurova

While the Pope is fighting the "American imperialists" in Ekaterina Lavrova (Vinokurova) - studying at the American Columbia University and the London School of Economics, a rich husband-raider and his own art business.
Origin source
The daughter of Sergei Lavrov was born in 1983. At that time, her father worked in New York as the plenipotentiary representative of the Permanent Mission of the USSR to the United Nations. Having changed several positions and had time to work after the collapse of the Union of Deputy Foreign Minister, in 1994 Lavrov again became an authorized representative to the UN, but from Russia.

In the same year he tries to find in New York a good school for the daughter of Catherine, who should go to the sixth grade. Following the advice of friends, he stops at one of the elite educational institutions in Manhattan - The Dwight School. Money to pay for training, however, was not enough. Lavrov concluded a deal with the director. Ekaterina studies at school for free, and in exchange Russia's envoy to the UN is giving lectures to the students of The Dwight School.

 The next step in the formation of Lavrovoy was the famous Columbia University, where she studied political science from 2001 to 2005. Right after that she goes to receive her master's thesis at the London School of Economics, which ends in 2006.

"I never concealed who my father is. But I almost never say anything about it. And everyone who knows me knows that in my life very few people helped me. Of course, the main help was the education that was given to me, "the daughter of Lavrov will tell 11 years later the glossy Marie Claire.

Returning to Moscow

Having been educated abroad, at 23, Catherine returned to Moscow. A year before, in 2004, Russian President Vladimir Putin appointed her father as the head of the Foreign Ministry.

After returning to his homeland, Lavrov's daughter worked for a year in the press service of the oil and gas company. After was 2007, the famous Munich speech of Putin, which served as the beginning of aggravation of relations with the West.

Subsequently, Catherine will remain in Russia. She finds herself in a field far from her education, in the field of art. Arranged to work in the representation of the London art gallery Haunch of Venison, where he will work for the next three years.

"I was born in a family where art was always respected. My grandmother and mother often took me to the exhibition. And then, I grew up in New York, and there's a huge number of museums and a very developed exhibition activity. Modern art at a professional level began to deal with by accident. When I moved to Moscow, my friends introduced me to the founder of the Haunch of Venison gallery, Harry Blaine, and he offered me a job. I honestly admitted that I know little about modern art and only on several courses that were held at the university. He replied: "Nothing, this is a field where you can learn everything on the go." So I got involved, "the daughter of Lavrov told her in response to a question about the beginning of her passion for contemporary art.

 In 2010, Catherine moved to work at the auction house Christie's, where she leads the direction of business development in Russia and CIS countries. At that time, Lavrov married and took her husband's surname, turning into Vinokurov. Over time, she became the director of the Russian branch and opened the office of the auction house in Moscow. During the work Vinokurova supervised exhibitions in GUM, House Muraviev-Apostol, House Spiridonov.

In January 2017, Catherine, along with a colleague from Christie's Anastasia Karneeva, opened the company Smart Art. Now the daughter of the Minister of Foreign Affairs promotes contemporary artists and works of art, acting as an intermediary between the authors of works and collectors. The company focuses on cooperation with Russian artists. Founder believes that the market of Russian contemporary art is poorly developed, and the work of local creators is underestimated.

"The financial factor is not the main component of my work, although it is important for me that the project is commercially successful. There is another motivation - it is a contribution to the future, to be at the source of something new and to work with art that will become a cultural heritage of the country. I hope that in 10-15 years our artists will take pride of place in museum collections, in collections of large funds and in the homes of important collectors. This is the main motivation! "- Vinokurova said, talking about her work.

Successful son-in-law

Ekaterina met her husband Alexander Vinokurov during his studies in London in 2005. Three years later they were married. His career Vinokurov began in the investment bank Morgan Stanley. After returning to Russia, he became co-head of the Russian branch of the private equity fund TPG Capital. According to Vinokurov, by the time of the wedding his career had already taken place.

 "I am proud of my kinship with Sergey Viktorovich and try to take an example from all of him," Vinokurov said.

At the same time, Forbes, referring to his sources, wrote that the relationship with Lavrov "has given a certain synergistic impulse to the family business, including through contacts of his father-in-law."

In 2011, Lavrov's son-in-law was 28 years old. Young and successful, he becomes president of the group of companies "Summa", owned by Ziyavudin Magomedov. The GK is engaged in investing in construction, oil and gas sector, telecom.