The head of the Kemerovo Ministry of Emergency Situations Alexander Mamontov was detained on the case of a fire in the "Winter Cherry"

According to the investigation, he and his subordinate did not conduct a fire safety audit of the building, which was to be held no later than March 18. In the fire on March 25 killed 60 people, including 37 children.
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The Investigative Committee of Russia was detained by the head of the Main Directorate of the Ministry for Emergency Situations of the Kemerovo Region Alexander Mamontov and his deputy, the head of the supervision and prevention department of the Glavka Grigory Terentyev in the investigation of the fire in the SEC "Winter Cherry", which killed 60 people.

With regard to Mamontov, Terentyev and a number of other persons, a criminal case has been opened, according to a statement by the spokesman of the SEC, Svetlana Petrenko, published on Friday, May 25, on the website of the law enforcement agency. They are suspected of committing crimes under part 3 of article 293 (negligence) and part 4 of article 160 (embezzlement) of the Russian Criminal Code.

According to the investigation, Mamontov and Terentyev did not plan and did not conduct a fire safety audit during the operation of the "Winter Cherry" shopping and entertainment center, which according to the current legislation was to be implemented before March 18, 2018. "What Mamontov and Terentyev really knew about," they noted in the TFR.

As a result of the criminal negligence of Mamontov and Terentyev and the fire in the building of the SEC "Winter Cherry", occurred on March 25, 2018, 60 people died from poisoning by products of combustion, carbon monoxide and received thermal burns, among them 37 children.

The investigation also found that from June 2015 to April 2018 Mamontov, using his official position and with the complicity of unidentified individuals, managed to commit embezzlement of the funds of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the amount of more than 1.8 million rubles. Theft in a particularly large amount was committed by embezzlement in favor of third parties, explained in the TFR.

The fire in the four-storeyed shopping center "Winter Cherry" in Kemerovo began around noon on Sunday, March 25. The fire occurred on the fourth floor, where several cinemas and children's play areas with attractions were located. The total area of ​​the fire has reached 1500 square meters. m. The open burning was liquidated only in the late evening.

In a fire 60 people died, most of them children.

The director of the Department for Supervisory and Preventive Activities of the Ministry of Emergency Situations Rinat Yenikeyev later called the cause of the fire the short-circuiting and overloading of the current-carrying parts of the LED light that was in the children's play area. The diffuser of the lamp melted, and the fiery drops fell into the pool with foam cubes.

Criminal proceedings

In the criminal case, initiated on March 26 under articles 109, 219 and 238 (suspicion of causing death by negligence, violation of fire safety requirements, provision of services not meeting the security requirements) of the Russian Criminal Code, several people were detained. Including the tenant of the premises in which the epicenter of the fire allegedly was located. And also the head of the management company that served the shopping center building, Nadezhda Suddenok and the head of the Inspectorate of State Construction Supervision of the Kemerovo region Tanzil Komkova. "According to the investigation, she did not take measures to stop the unauthorized erection of the shopping and entertainment complex" Winter Cherry "in the city of Kemerovo without permission for construction, which caused the death of visitors to the shopping center," explained in the TFR.

The investigation began checking the actions of Komkova for the corruption component.

Julia Bogdanova, the general director of the Kemerovo Confectionery Combine, was detained in the main criminal case on the fire. It was this enterprise that was the owner of the shopping center building.

The criminal case under article "Negligence" was instituted against the commander of the link of the gas and smoke protection service of Sergei Genin, who was one of the first to arrive at extinguishing the fire. According to investigators, eyewitnesses told him that in the cinema on the fourth floor there are people, including many children. But Genin ignored this information. "As a result, they lost time, which could be used to rescue and evacuate people," noted in the TFR.

Loud resignations

On the day of the fire, the incumbent Governor of the Kemerovo Region, Aman Tuleyev, did not come to the site of the state of emergency. He did this on the advice of the head of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia Vladimir Puchkov, so as not to impede the rescue operation, Larisa Demeneva, the head of the public relations department of the Kemerovo administration, explained later.

A week after the tragedy, on April 1, the governor of the region, Aman Tuleyev, resigned. But on April 3 he became a deputy of the Council of People's Deputies of the Kemerovo region, and on April 10 he headed this council.

The head of the Ministry of Emergency Situations Vladimir Puchkov, who headed the department since May 2012, did not join the new government, announced on May 18, 2018.

Owners of "Winter Cherry" and Australia

The owner of the shopping center "Winter Cherry" is OJSC "Kemerovo Confectionery Plant", which is structurally included in LLC "KDV Group".

The company "KDV Group", producing snacks and confectionery products under 16 brands ("Kirieshki", "Kompashki", "Babkiny Seeds", "Yashkino", "3 crusts", etc.), in the rating of 200 largest private companies of Russia Forbes in the results of 2017 took 92nd place. The main beneficiary of the "KDV Group" is Denis Stengelov, who currently resides in Australia. On March 26, Shtengelov told the Vedomosti newspaper that the Winter Cherry shopping and entertainment center was not related to the KDV Group business. "It was my private investment, I am the beneficiary of part of this shopping center," he said.

The state of Denis Shtengelov, the controlling shareholder of KDV Group, is $ 600 million, according to calculations by Forbes. Immediately after the fire, Tuleyev addressed the head of state with a request to bring Stengelov to justice for the deaths of people in the fire in the "Winter Cherry." "Well, he's still sitting, the owner, in Australia. I will not reach this Australia, "the Kemerovo governor said. And he urged not to let all the responsibility for the tragedy fall on the "watchman, the ticket-attendant".

The beneficiary of the "Winter Cherry" shopping center, Denis Stengelov, on March 29 transferred 192 million rubles to the budget of the Kemerovo region for payments to relatives of those killed in the fire.