The head of the Moscow City Election Committee Valentin Gorbunov could not hide the property

The Anti-Corruption Foundation found Valentina Gorbunov two apartments on the Adriatic coast.
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Since 1997 Valentin Gorbunov, who heads the Moscow City Election Committee, has already prepared for himself a “spare airfield” outside of Russia, according to experts of the Anti-Corruption Foundation Alexei Navalny. Ways of retreat of Gorbunov, who gained notoriety due to the non-admission of opposition candidates before the election to the Moscow City Duma, lie in Croatia, where his family has two apartments. Official income Gorbunova would not allow him to legally purchase overseas property, assured social activists.

Foreign real estate - two apartments in the Croatian city of Ik - were found by FBK activists at the head of the Moscow City Election Commission, Valentin Gorbunov. The fact that the Gorbunov family, his wife and son, became owners of assets in Croatia, the Alexei Navalny Foundation reported back in 2014, but then could not accurately determine the location of their property. Now it was possible to fix it.

Croatian coast dearer to me

IKA ASTRA was recorded for the wife and son of Valentina Gorbunov in Croatia. This company owns property in the amount of 420 thousand dollars - this property was not reflected either in the income statement of Gorbunov himself or in the accounting documents of his spouse, which is a violation of anti-corruption legislation. This is what was known in 2014.

“Back in 2014, we found the Gorbunovs company in Croatia. We knew that some property worth $ 420,000 was framed for it, but we could not find it then. Now we are angrier and more insistent than in 2014, ”wrote Alexey Navalny on his website.

In a new publication, published five years later, it is noted that according to the financial statements of a Croatian company, it owns property worth 2.4 million Croatian kunas - 330 thousand euros.

Having ordered thousands of extracts for houses in the city of Ik, FBK discovered that the Gorbunov company IKA ASTRA owns two neighboring apartments in one of the houses near the Adriatic Sea - five-room and two-room, with a total area of ​​200 square meters. meters

Earlier, Gorbunov also found a summer cottage in Ramenskoye district of the Moscow region - a two-storeyed mansion with an area of ​​900 sq. M. meters and an estimated cost of 60 million rubles. This property also does not fit into Gorbunov’s official income.

Valentin Gorbunov in recent days is in the center of attention in connection with the election scandal that erupted in Moscow. Moscow City Election Committee refused to register independent candidates to the Moscow City Duma. The members of the electoral commission say that the candidates brought invalid signatures, even though the signatories themselves confirm their authenticity.