The High Court of London again freed the assets of the Ananiev brothers in the UK

The creditors of the brothers-bankers have already twice frozen their assets in the UK this summer.
The High Court of London thawed the assets of the brothers Alexei and Dmitry Ananyev. The arrest was imposed on August 15 on the suit of holders of credit notes issued under the guarantees of businessmen. About this "Vedomosti" told a representative of one of the defendants and confirmed partner of the law firm Withers Tatyana Menshenina. Withers - the London contractor of the law firm "Nektorov, Saveliev and Partners", representing the interests of the plaintiffs.

Among other things, the shares of Vozrozhdenie Bank were under arrest, and VTB announced its intention to buy it just before the arrest. This hampered the deal: VTB is ready to acquire Vozrozhdenie only if "the asset is cleared and guaranteed against all possible legal consequences and claims," ​​the VTB representative said. To sell the "Revival" of the Central Bank demanded from the Ananievs after the sanation of the Promsvyazbank they owned, allowing the brothers to keep a maximum of 10%. The brothers divided the business: the banker stayed with the younger, Dmitry.

The seizure of assets was a provisional measure on the suit for $ 11.2 million and € 0.5 million, he was lodged with Ananyev by a group of holders of credit notes. After the story with Promsvyazbank, the papers stopped being serviced, and investors went to court.

The High Court of London canceled on August 24 a court order on the global freezing of assets, a representative of one of the defendants said (the lawsuit was filed against the brothers Ananyev and eight companies). According to him, the court found that the plaintiffs did not disclose significant information, as a result of their position on the risk of concealing assets by the defendants was declared invalid. He did not specify what kind of information he was talking about.

The court decided that since the sale of the "Renaissance" should occur on the orders of the Bank of Russia, then attempts to commit it by Ananiev do not indicate the withdrawal of assets, explains Menshenina. The court quashed the arrest order. But stressed that the plaintiffs can again file a similar statement, if they can bring other additional evidence of the withdrawal of assets, she says.

In July, the London Court had already frozen the assets of Ananiev, following a lawsuit by another group of note holders. Under arrest, there were also shares of the "Renaissance". Then VTB remarks Andrei Kostin said that until all legal inquiries are resolved, there will be no deal. After that, the defendants - the brothers Ananyev - transferred the court $ 15.6 million and 11 million euros as security (for such amounts the first claim was filed), and the court lifted the arrest. This time, the respondents did not deposit, Menshenina points out.

The plaintiffs are obliged to compensate court expenses of the defendants by the court decision, the respondent's representative said. According to him, they will turn to the plaintiffs for payment of their court expenses in the near future.