The investigation dumped on Ananyev

Former owner of Promsvyazbank Alexei Ananyev commented on the fraud charge.
- The Metropolitan Police accuses you of withdrawing 6.7 billion rubles. from Promsvyazbank by issuing loans to foreign companies. What can you say about this?

- The current leadership of the PSB, as well as the investigating authorities, are well aware that, despite the fact that I was the indirect ultimate beneficial co-owner of the bank, I never managed it, since I was engaged in the IT business all my life. At PSB, I was the chairman of the board of directors, and it was never my responsibility to approve credit decisions.

The companies listed in the criminal case have nothing to do with me. All controlled foreign companies that I owned or had an indirect right to manage were disclosed by me annually in the manner prescribed by law. Therefore, the accusation against me sounds absurd and absolutely unsupported.

- Do foreign companies really turn out to be a tool for stealing funds from PSB Bank, according to the investigation?

As accusations of the ex-owners of Promsvyazbank are getting more and more
- From the charges brought against me, it follows that the loans indicated in the case continued to be serviced after the temporary administration of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation began to manage the bank, which clearly indicates the commercial nature of the loans. It is significant that the current management of PSB filed an application three years after the change of ownership. Throughout 2018, I was in Moscow and repeatedly met with the leadership of PSB, but they never raised the issue of problem loans.

- The investigation believes that you and your brother have created a whole scheme of embezzlement of bank money ...

- The accusation brought against me is formulated according to the principle “I don’t know who, I don’t know where, I don’t know when he did something, but I know who to blame”. This assessment is confirmed by the official opinion of the General Prosecutor's Office of the Russian Federation.

- Then why did you need a new criminal case?

- I believe that the bank needs a new criminal case to increase pressure on me and my family. I am sure that the leadership of the PSB understands that the investigation did not find a single admissible evidence against me in the criminal embezzlement case, and they need a new criminal case in order to get a new arrest in absentia, put me on the international wanted list again and, possibly, give the appearance of legality the criminal seizure of my family's property.