The Investigative Committee of Russia arrests the defenders of the Arctic on suspicion of piracy

The investigators decided to arrest all 30 people from the ship that took part in the action near the Prirazlomnaya platform on suspicion of piracy.
Yesterday the representative of the Investigative Committee of Russia Vladimir Markin said that the authorities have decided to apply for arrest of all 30 people aboard a rented by Greenpeace International ship Arctic Sunrise for two months. The Leninsky District of Murmansk court began its consideration of requests for the arrest and by the time of the publication arrested 10 people, including photographer Denis Sinyakov who wasn't an activist organization and just covered the action on September 19 near the Prirazlomnaya platform (owned by "Gazprom neft") as a journalist under the contract with Greenpeace International, as the head of the energy program of Greenpeace Russia Vladimir Chuprov said to "Vedomosti".

Several Russian media (, "Echo of Moscow", "Novaya Gazeta", the TV channel "Rain") decided to hold a rally of solidarity with Sinyakov, removing from their pages and photos Internet sites (or replacing them with black plate). In relation to two other people the court found documents improperly investigation decorated, and one activist presented a certificate stating that her health condition does not allow to be detained.
All people with Arctic Sunrise is arrested as a suspected pirates (Art. 227 h. 3 of the Criminal Code, to 15 years in prison), despite the fact that after the statement of President Vladimir Putin that the Greenpeace action was not piracy, Markin said that case another article can be elected. According to Chuprov, the action did not include the seizure of control over the platform, and after unfolding the banner of protest and activists had planned to leave the platform. The wording of Art. 227 provides intent is to seize control of the ship and prove piracy activists will be very difficult, says a law enforcement source. According to Chuprov, the tough reaction is likely to "Gazprom" (he belongs to "Gazprom Neft"), which thus responds to calls from environmentalists to stop the environmental risks of energy production in the Arctic.

"We can only say that Greenpeace violated the rules of stay in the platform area and has created a threat for her work, as well as the planned underwater operations carried out at this time", - told to "Vedomosti" the press service of "GazpromOil ", answering the question, consider whether the company's environmental action piracy.

Yesterday Markin told "Interfax" that the preventive measure against detainees can be changed after the investigation determines what specific actions they have committed. Putin's spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that the president, when evaluated action activists expressed his own opinion and he could not influence the actions of the investigating authorities.

According to a source close to the FSB, it is unlikely it comes to condemning the activists in 'piracy' to long-term imprisonment. But bear some punishment they have to, because the action against dangerous platforms in the Arctic and from a technical point of view, and for the Russian economy.