The Kazakhstan "peninsula"

The Crimean events initiated geopolitical fantasies шт some and fears in others.
Chairman of the Supreme Council of Khakassia and the head of the faction "United Russia" Vladimir Shtygashev saying Abakan at a meeting of the Parliamentary Bureau on the support of the foreign policy of Vladimir Putin's course, allowed himself to continue the theme of restoration of historical justice. So much so that an international scandal broke out.

The speaker said: "Even many historians do not really know the history of the past 70 years. East-Kazakhstan region, or Rudny Altai. Rudny Altai has always been a part of Russia. Kazakhstan has been a little territory, decided to part of the Ishim area (which is the Omsk Region) to give away. They gave and made Karaganda. It is in 1936, recently. In total we have five areas handed over to Kazakhstan, and thereafter Kazakh ASSR of autonomy was renamed the Republic. These territories are transferred as a bargaining chip. [...] In the demarcation of the borders of the CIS countries not to force, why? Suddenly, the peoples have a desire to rebuild the country. People - most important! You never know what the government thinks, people make decisions. It showed the referendum. Maybe he is right that the demarcation is not nOvelia Accommodations, otherwise the border would be registered with the United Nations, and even then it would be more difficult. But the urge of people to a certain unification movement persists. And it is a fact. Now in Kazakhstan we conducted a survey of public opinion: 80% - for the union. " I quote from the weekly "Chance online", whose correspondent was present at the presidium, and then published a report.

It is not difficult to guess that Kazakhstan sites immediately reprinted the news under the headline "Urgent! In Russia they say about the claims in the Eastern Kazakhstan! "The famous public figure Murat Auezov commentary KazTAG assess what is happening as" Russia's imperial ambitions. " Kazakhstan's Foreign Ministry, in its opinion, should send a clear note: "We need the world to defend our sovereignty and our independence." "Adventurous" called it Khakas speaker Secretary maslikhat (representative body) of East Kazakhstan region Grigory Pinchuk. There were also other sharp negative responses.

In the parliament of Khakassia after them began to call from a neighboring country with questions, have resorted to the traditional in tcal cases explanation: that the journalists misinterpreted reflections speaker. "Shtygashev talked about how looked and changed borders of the Union republics within the USSR. About any rights, historical or any other on someone else's territory, including Kazakhstan, in his speech the Chairman of the Armed Forces did not mention the birth of Christ, "- said the deputy head of the Armed Forces of Khakassia Oleg Nikolaev apparatus. He said that the editors agreed to change the title. The former: "In Russia they say about the claims in the East Kazakhstan." Now notes hanging on the website: "Shtygashev all called in the USSR" and "Shtygashev remembered history of the USSR."

In Kazakhstan cite also the editor of "Chance" Aleksey Kirichenko: "We got a call from the Sun and asked to change the title. This was done so as not to incite ethnic hatred. these changes are not fundamental for me. Shtygashev talked about memories. He did not take some kind of regulation or legislation on the status of the eastern lands of Kazakhstan. At our site this article do no one noticed her notice only you in Kazakhstan. We do not even standbygiven that such an explosion will occur from the publication. "

Meanwhile, the Foreign Ministry of Kazakhstan contacted the Russian counterparts in Astana and Moscow regarding speech Shtygasheva; in particular "to clarify the situation," the Foreign Ministry of Kazakhstan invited the Russian Ambassador Mikhail Bocharnikova. In comments released by the Press Secretary of the MFA RK Nurzhan Aytmahanova Shtygasheva statements "about the alleged existence of historic rights in Russia in the eastern region of Kazakhstan" called "unacceptable", and explaining Sun Khakassia government officials - "insufficient and inadequate in the current situation." The increased number of incorrect statements of official representatives of the Russian Federation can not but cause serious concern, expressed in the Republic of Kazakhstan Ministry of Foreign Affairs and expressed the hope that the authorities of the Russian Federation will evaluate the statements Shtygasheva.

For reference. January 18, 2005 Russia and Kazakhstan signed an agreement on Kazakh-Russian state border on 12 January 2006, it entered into force. Earlier, in 1998, the two leaders signed the Declaration on Eternal Friendship and Alliance, and last year - contract & laquo; O in the XXI century, good-neighborliness and alliance. "

By the way, in one of the notes of "Chance" - even after bureaucratic changes - there were allegations Shtygasheva that Russia gave too much ground to its neighbors. And yet - the memories of Deputies that Khakassia once gave the Krasnoyarsk Territory and Uzhursky Sharypovsky areas. Krasnoyarsk protest note has not yet announced.