The Kremlin fairytales

Who is behind the hacker group Shaltay Boltay.
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The appearance of a little over a year ago site on which were laid confidential information about famous people in the political world, caused a sensation. Suffice it to recall hacking microblog Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. Until now, the hacker group Shaltay Boltay maintains anonymity. Accordingly, the motives are unknown and persons distributing information. "To" conducted its own investigation of the sensational case, summarized the available information and analyzed the existing version.

Version One: Shaltay Boltay - really anonymous group of hackers superprofessionals

In favor of this hypothesis is the fact that the number of victims "information sinks" were many high-ranking Russians. In addition to the second person in the state anyway Shaltay Boltay touched Sergei Naryshkin, Dmitry Peskov, Vyacheslav Volodin, Vladislav Surkov, Arkady Dvorkovich and many officials of lower rank.

However, we must admit that over time, "revelations" were frankly grow shallow. But by hackers asks for "monetization of information. " Suffice it to recall how Shaltay Boltay put on sale allegedly corresponded press secretary Dmitry Medvedev Natalia Timakova. Estimated cost - 35 thousand dollars - somehow not up to the requests of world-class hackers. Such condition will not make stuffing. More like some "get-together".

Version two: special services project

This hypothesis is very popular among journalists and activists close to the opposition movements. In this example, hinted Oleg Kashin, when he wrote about the "new people to positions of public hacker." Perhaps the main argument in favor of this version is that for more than a year of "work» Shaltay Boltay domestic law enforcement authorities have not shown the public, "the authors of" leakage. They act as if fearing nothing. For Russia, where the possibility of special services is not in doubt, it is at least strange.

The obvious negative version of that many steps can be the groups considered as anti-state. And it is not only criticism of Russian policy in UkraineBut also the organization of a referendum in the Crimea, and the current events in the Donbass. Would the representatives of domestic special services "soil oneself" this kind of stuffing - an open question.

In addition, contrary to the self-praise of a particular professional group not found. Summary "extracted by hackers", obtained through the mailboxes to which passwords were either known or chosen, or stolen from users via "phishing" (by no means unique, but rather a widespread technology). After breaking microblog Dmitry Medvedev is one of the metropolitan newspapers published a comment computer expert, advised readers how to avoid such situations. Nothing tricky: to come up with a complex password, in any case not to disclose it to third parties and not to use a combination of the symbols for the different services.

Version Three: Revenge of political consultants

This is a group of analysts, who previously served the administration, but were pushed competitors. Perhaps you enjoy the services of hackers, and perhaps masksmiling at them. For this assumption there are grounds too.

Special services, albeit secretly, apparently, still engaged in activities Shaltay Boltay. According to the "" reports, participated in the stuffing, including, and IP-addresses located in the heart of Moscow: in an area of ​​streets and Barbarian Ilinka, as well as the Old and New squares. This inevitably pushes to any versions of the tracks of special services, or about the "battle of the Kremlin towers."

But in fact, in this area of ​​Moscow is, and many other buildings. For example, in the GUM is "concept store" with exactly the same name as that of the "hacker group", " Humpty Dumpty ." And in the logo, as well as in the URL the hacker site, instead of the letter "o" - a special sign. Hackers is zero, the store - a stylized image of a hen's egg.

Even more associations generates a description of the point of sale on the website of the Department Store "shop at the gallery Gelman appeared on" Winery ". The idea belongs to Valerie Rodnianskaia and Julia Gelman. " Julia Gelman - the formera political consultant and gallerist Marat Gelman, actively worked in the 2000s in the political sphere. His name often appears in the same context with Gleb Pavlovsky, Vladislav Surkov and others.

Nowadays Gelman lives abroad, and seems to have no special access to Russian financial flows. So the definition of "push back the competition" it is quite falls. This means that the coincidence of the two names may be coincidental. Moreover, that the best way to hide something is known to be - to put on everyone's mind.

However, we can talk about very different political strategist. In particular, some analysts believe that, "Humpty Dumpty" - it fragments the movement "Nashi". This assumption is justified by the nature of plausible "close to the Kremlin" vocabulary Shaltay Boltay, including nicknames, as well as the specific choice of many "surveillance of objects." For example, it was Natalya Timakova accused Vasily Yakimenko replicating the term "rejoicing gopota".

According to some reports, a month before stuffing in a large Internetan array of information about the department of internal policy of the presidential administration, this issue was discussed in the Ukraine with the participation of the former representatives of the movement "Nashi". In addition, according to sources, "" information Shaltay Boltay often spread in a network or from New York or from Thailand. Thailand has traditionally been hiding from Russian justice problems or citizens settled there, as they say, and a lot of redundant former "our".

By the way, could not do it heads "Nashi", and, for example, some young talented computer scientists among the participants in the movement, left with nothing, and did not receive as a result of the promised leader of "Nashi" Vasily Yakimenko authority or promotion. The motive in this case could be the desire to attract the attention of the authorities.

Version Four: next to one of the towers

Directly mention this version solved only journalist Catherine Vinokourov : "Blog" Humpty Dumpty "maybe the PR-agency project CROS (Company Public Relations Development), Presdent of which it is the ex-husband of the chief editor of RIA Novosti Svetlana Mironyuk (Sergei Zverev - a comment ""). Myronyuk, by the way, he was dismissed on the eve of the Constitution Day - 2013, ie before the registration of "Humpty" ". (Blog "Humpty Dumpty" - "Anonymous International" - was registered on the site Wordpress December 12, 2013, the Day of the Constitution of Russia).

In favor of this version says the unusual choice of what kind of material published hackers. For example, laid the network of the correspondence Natalia Timakova said as Svetlana Mironyuk gives her advice. "It's less than a month after Timakova Medvedev and moved from the Kremlin to the White House. In a letter talking about how Timakova should use its new functionality to deliver a certain unnamed offender "in the petitioner's position." For example, "do not let him sit on those budgets, on which he is sitting, including the Olympics, or impede their use", "- describes the" "situation. Thus, Ms. Myronyuk a leak appears, if you think about it, in a very profitablem for itself light.

A similar course of action is maintained in respect of other prominent representatives of the "liberal wing of the government." Information leakage by Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich, for example, it has only formally. For example, in one of the documents referred to his address to the head of government with an appeal to change the parameters of the upcoming budget, because otherwise "it will be impossible to provide the majority decision the objectives set in the program documents." Drain in which Deputy Prime Minister, "like a lion", fighting for the implementation of the May presidential decrees, it is difficult to consider this compromising. Hardware concepts is rather a compliment.

Version five: foreign intelligence services

This option also actively discussed in the media. And he also has his own reasons.

Firstly, these leaks could be retaliation to the Russian authorities for "Snowden". That is to say, a balanced response.
Secondly, their goal might be "bleeding" with each other representatives of the Russian elite. "Battle of Towers" - a long-standing dream of many "sovietologists & raquo ;.

Finally, the leakage Shaltay Boltay very quickly and amicably picked up by the foreign media, and government. A typical example - the material BBC «Ukraine conflict: Hackers take sides in virtual war» ( «Ukrainian conflict: hackers took up positions in a virtual war"). In other words, they were and still are part of the information war.

However this version is not free from the same disadvantages as the assumption that the track of Russian special services. Activities of groups does not look any truly professional, or - especially recently - solid in scope.

Judging by how shallow "exposure", the story Shaltay Boltay gradually moving towards its end. New archive backstage Affairs of the Russian elite in the style of the site "" project and did not for one simple reason: the "Library of compromising," has never been a specific owner, which would have had a personal distaste for the heroes of publications. That's what gave him the stability and independence from any pressure groups. A Shaltay Boltay project clearly pursues specific objectives, and this is its weakness.

What results? Perhaps with the exception of options with foreign intelligence agencies, and the rest of interested noisy, illegal, but, in general, do not tell the Russian public of any special secrets "revelations" are likely, sooner or later, will be calculated. With the customer of the project more difficult. But as they say experienced investigators, the criminal should never expect that the creation of false trails and version (partly collected by us in this study) knock off the scent of an experienced detective. However, rest on our laurels or grain positions curator of the project (whoever he was) clearly not worth it. However, as to expect that by implementing such projects, it is possible to think seriously about his future career.