The Kremlin has chosen the new curator of the State Duma

Sergey Smirnov will become the new Kremlin curator of the State Duma instead of Radiy Khabirov. He led the pro-Kremlin youth camp Taurida, headed the Public Chamber and won the European Cup in karate.
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In the State Duma elected on Sunday will be the new curator of the presidential administration. Monday instead of the retired deputy chief of Radium Habirova internal policy of the Kremlin administration, responsible for cooperation with the Parliament, will be the current chief of staff of the Public Chamber Sergey Smirnov, told RBC source close to the leadership of the House, and confirmed the official domestic presidential administration management. Smirnov Sunday night was unavailable for comment.

Smirnov, 38 years old, he graduated from the Federal Security Service in the specialty "Jurisprudence" Moscow Institute of the border. Smirnov long studied karate and was the winner of the European Cup in 1996, and then headed the association "Ima-Lianozovo" martial arts, tells a familiar new curator. In the early 2000s Smirnov three elected municipal deputy in Lianozovo area, and then moved to the executive branch. First, he headed the Moscow department of "Young Muscovites" Family and Youth Policy Center of social activity (subordinate to the vice-mayor Lyudmila Swedensecond), and then engaged in youth policy in Novomoskovsk and Western district of Moscow.

In 2014 he became deputy head of Smirnov Rosmolodezh (oversees its operations deputy chief of internal policy management, Timur Prokopenko). There he was involved in regional policy and became the first director of the "Tauris" youth camp, which has since become an annual spend in the Crimea.

In the past two years, Smirnov worked in the Public Chamber. Interlocutor in the Kremlin stressed that where he was engaged in legislative activity and, therefore, have the skills to work with the Duma. For example, it has launched the format of the so-called zero reading of the Bill, that is, public discussion and examination at the Chamber of the most important initiatives. Including with his participation were discussed laws on socially oriented NGOs, priority development areas, amendments to the Tax Code and the law on the protection of the forest. In addition to laws, he was responsible for the formation of public councils at the ministries and departments, as well as public monitoring commissions in places ltheir liberty.

On the resignation of the former deputy head of the Duma responsible for internal political control of the Kremlin Radium Habirova RBC interlocutors told last week, according to them, an official leaves office from 19 September, immediately after the election of the State Duma. Habirov engaged in the work of the parliament since 2008. It is logical that with the election of a new Duma convocation it will have a new curator, told the interlocutors RBC earlier in the Kremlin. The president in the Duma have plenipotentiary representative (currently holds this post Harry Minh), he formally reports on the presidential bill, curator of the Duma is engaged in the management of a more informal work with members on domestic policy.

State Duma elections were held on 18 September. According to exit polls, for the "United Russia" voted by 44.5 (data VTsIOM) to 49% (data FOM). As a result of counting 21.19% of the vote, "United Russia" managed to score more than 50% of the vote. Also, the United Russia party wins in 188 single-member districts and claim the constitutional majority in the State Duma of the seventh convocation. Communist Party reduces the gap from second-ranked Liberal Democratic Party.They are 15.1 and 15.5% respectively. The "Fair Russia", according to preliminary data, 6.38% of the vote.

Other parties do not overcome the five percent barrier, but the "Motherland", "Civic Force" Party of growth and "Apple" can get their single-mandate in the new Duma.