The largest bookmaker Russia is under a criminal case

The prosecutor's office in Moscow has recognized the lawfulness of investigation against ZAO "F.O.N.", which, according to investigators, organized an illegal gambling network on the Internet.
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Capital prosecutors acknowledged legitimate criminal case under Art. 171.2 of the Criminal Code ( "Illegal organization and conduct of gambling") against members of the JSC "F.O.N." - the largest player in the Russian market betting shop. They launched the Internet project, which, according to investigators, is a virtual betting club that allowed daily illegally earning tens of millions of rubles.

As explained "Izvestia" in the metropolitan prosecutor's office, an internet resource was recognized as illegal gambling due to the fact that "any user of the Internet provides the opportunity to participate in gambling for cash with different kinds of bets."

- According to experts, the site is registered in the domain zone com, found workable in Russia, - explained "Izvestia" in the Moscow prosecutor's office.

Needless criminal case under Part. 2 tbsp. 171.2 ( "illegal organization and conduct of gambling with the generation of income in a large scale") was opened on 20 February this year. The investigation is not yet knownspecific suspects - they are as "unidentified employees of JSC" F.O.N. ". According to investigators, but only from June 27 to July 18, 2013 (ie, three weeks) income of JSC "F.O.N." from the web site was 62 million rubles.

Also in the investigation pointed to the fact that although the company was incorporated and registered in Russia, and was entitled to the bookmaker activities, but its website received a license only from the Netherlands authorities.

In addition, according to preliminary investigation, the company does not deduct taxes from the winnings, although this is required by applicable law.

In the company refused to comment on "News" the situation and was told that there is no on-site management.

The police said that in the moment JSC "F.O.N." are about 1 thousand. Items for betting throughout Russia. Betting market participants told "Izvestia" that fonbet was the largest of them has its own "handwriting".

- They had a special business model since 1995 - said the source "zvesty "on condition of anonymity. - They threw cry in Russia and offered to become their partners - "line sales and support." They came from the regions, and received the right to open at point betting. Then it was worth $ 400 per month plus a percentage point to earnings.

Then, when in 2009 introduced a ban on gambling business, this model proved to be the most viable in Russia.

- It turned out that such a scheme "F.O.N." not legally responsible for their partners - explained "Izvestia". - And those already agreed with local authorities - Pushes the money to the police and the tax, so that they did not touch them.

Among the bookmakers say that the current legislation on gambling is too vague and makes it possible to law enforcement officers if you wish to bring a case in fact anyone who does not want to negotiate "in an amicable way." In particular, this applies to the activities of betting sites and tax deductions from the winnings.

- It places two patients, - says the source of "Izvestia". - The law says,it is impossible to accept bets by telephone and the Internet. But 70-80% of earnings, on many points not Navara, so players are looking for loopholes. As for taxes, it is unclear what is meant by winning what reporting period, what to do with a man who plays in a few offices or, for example, won a million today, and tomorrow at the same venue two lost.

With regard to the institution of proceedings against JSC "F.O.N.", the market experts attributed the conflict with future readings in the State Duma, on which MPs will discuss the amendments to the Federal Law № 244 on gambling. The new law may permit to do so-called online betting via the Web, however, introduces the concept of "self-regulatory organizations" (SROs), under the control of which will be working all bookmakers.

- At the moment, there were two groups of bookmakers, who will be the SRO and are now fighting for the right to manage the business, - said the source of "Izvestia". - According to recent data, JSC "F.O.N." wanted to get out of one group and go to another, which is not liked by his former allies - and are incited to "F.O.N." forceswikis.

The Investigative Committee could not promptly comment on "News" the situation surrounding the investigation of the criminal case against the "F.O.N.".

In May last year broke another scandal involving bookmakers.

In the offices of one of the largest Russian bookmaker company - "Marathon" - were searched. As a result of investigative activities was detained vice-president of "Marathon" Nikolai Petrov. He was suspected in the distribution and sale of anabolic agents on the territory of Russia as part of a criminal group.

And earlier Russian Interior Ministry General Directorate for the Perm Territory instituted against the "Marathon" guidance criminal case under Art. 165 of the Criminal Code ( "Causing damage to property by deception and abuse of trust") in connection with the match "Amkar" command - "Anji" of 26 November 2012. According to investigators, the bookmakers have entered the sweepstakes customers misled about the results of the game, which is why they lost their money.