The largest real estate developer in Russia will lease real estate

The PIK Group invests up to 500 million rubles in the service for the selection of apartments.
PIK Group launches a service for renting apartments in Moscow, it follows from her message. It says that within two years she plans to invest in this project up to 500 million rubles. Manage the "PIC-lease" will be immigrants from the Russian division of Uber.

PIK - the largest developer of housing in Russia. Its land bank at the end of 2017 - 11.5 million square meters. m, the value of the portfolio is 225 billion rubles. The main shareholder of the group is Sergey Gordeev.

According to Ilya Drozdov, the head of PIK-lease, the idea of ​​creating a service arose when the company's employees themselves encountered problems during the search for housing. Among such problems, he calls the need to spend time on views, incomplete information on apartments, etc. The project also allows for a 24-hour display of apartments, which reduces the time of its exposure. Given that in developed countries the share of rental housing reaches 70-80% of all transactions in the real estate market, and in Moscow this figure is about 10%, the potential for this service is available, Drozdov said. The niche of rental housing can be more transparent and must acquire a standard of quality of service and the relationship between the owner and the lessee, agrees Gordeev.

According to the company, in Moscow and near Moscow now there are about 700 000 apartments, whose owners can become potential customers of the service. It is planned to attract tenants "PIK-rent" through popular services such as TsIAN, "Yandeks.Nedvizhimost", "Avito", etc. They will not compete with them, says Drozdov. According to him, in 90% of cases on specialized sites the tenant faces not with the owners of apartments, but with agencies. Like them, "PIK-rent" will receive a market commission for delivery.

Mikhail Vasiliev, the director of the CIAN product, does not consider the competitor "PIK-rent". "PIK, like other developers, has customers ready to transfer to management the rental of their investment apartments. But to find tenants for them, you need to invest in creating a portal and attracting the audience, "he says.

PIK is not the first builder who started renting apartments, recalls the managing partner of the company "Metrium" Maria Litinetskaya. For example, she said, the unsold apartments were rented by the Morton group (in 2016 it became part of the PIK group - Vedomosti). In the complex "New Vatutinki" (the developer "Investtrast"), there is also an opportunity to rent apartments with the right of further repayment, says Litinetskaya. But in all these cases, it was about renting apartments in their projects, whereas the PIC service covers the entire market.

Are engaged in leasing and government structures. So "Dom.RF" (ex-AHML) purchased several buildings in large residential complexes ("Liner" on the Khodynka field, Match Point near the metro station "Victory Park", "Symbol" at the site of the "Serp i Molot" factory) for delivery them for rent.

The success of the new service depends primarily on the pricing policy: existing offers from commercial organizations, as well as renting in apart-hotels are much more expensive than renting from private owners, says Irina Dobrokhotova, chairman of the board of directors Best New Building. According to her, at the moment a standard one-room apartment near the metro costs tenants in the amount of 27 000 to 40 000 rubles. If rent of one-room apartments in Moscow new buildings will cost about 30,000 rubles, they will be in demand.

The big advantage of leasing from PIC is that the company gives certain guarantees to the owners of apartments. For example, potential tenants will be checked by special services "for reliability," Litinetskaya said. In addition, the developer compensates the owners for lost profits, if customers will leave before the deadline.

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