The largest supplier of Russian Railways has built a house on Rublyovka on the lands of the forest fund

The largest supplier of Russian Railways and partner of the scandalous Iskander Makhmudov for Transmashholding built a palace on Rublevka on the lands of the forest fund.
Co-owner of "Transmashholding" Andrei Bokarev built a house with an area of ​​more than 800 square meters in the village of Gorki-2 on the Rublevo-Uspenskoe highway. Half of the land under the estate - more than one hectare - falls on the land of the forest fund, where the capital construction is prohibited.

As Rain found out, Bokarev rents a plot of about 2.4 hectares in the elite village of Gorki-2. There are several houses, as well as a large outdoor swimming pool and a decorative pond. Two kilometers from the village - the residence of Dmitry Medvedev "Gorki-9", in three - the residence of Putin "Novo-Ogarevo."

Almost the whole village of Gorki-2 is covered with forest, but this is a private area. And about half of the Bokarev site is owned by the state and belongs to the category of forest fund lands, Rosreestr's data show.

According to the Forest Code, when leasing forests, only temporary buildings are allowed. As explained by expert Greenpeace Michael Kreidlin, it, for example, can be gazebos without a foundation and other non-capital structures. However, judging by the video available at the disposal of the Rain, the Bokarev Palace is a major structure. According to Kreidlin, he is legally subject to demolition.

In 2017 it became known that the authorities decided to demolish about 50 houses built on the lands of the forest fund in the village of Pushkinsky dol in the Kuban. As attorney Mikhail Benyash explains, representing the interests of some homeowners, when people bought land plots, they did not know about this encumbrance. However, courts still make decisions on demolition.

Rain sent inquiries to the representatives of Andrei Bokarev and the Forestry Committee of the Moscow Region, they had not yet responded to them.

Andrei Bokarev is a co-owner of Transmashholding and the Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company (UMMC). The businessman takes 48 line in the Forbes list, his fortune is estimated at 2 billion dollars. Transmashholding is the largest supplier of railcars for the Russian Railways, which is part of Metrovagonmash holding, the only supplier of wagons for the Moscow metro.

In 2013-2015, Bokarev and his partners Iskandar Mahmudov and Alexey Krivoruchko bought 49% of the Kalashnikov concern. In November 2017, it became known about the release of Bokarev and Makhmudov from the concern and the sale of their shares. They rank sixth in the Forbes ranking "Kings of the state order."