The lawyer was detained in the case of the former general director of the NGO named after Lavochkin

According to the investigation, the former general director of the NGO Sergey Lemeshevsky and the lawyer of the company Ekaterina Averyanova crucified for three with the head of the Tretyakov and Partners law firm 332.5 million rubles under the guise of legal protection from Roskosmos.
Igor Tretyakov, head of the Tretyakov and Partners law firm, was detained in Moscow. He is taking part in the fraud case, in which the former head of the Lavochkin NGO Sergey Lemeshevsky and the head of the legal department of the association Ekaterina Averyanova have already been arrested by the Babushkinsky court of the capital. They are accused of embezzling 332.5 million rubles. through unreasonable payments to a lawyer's office. Mr. Tretyakov himself was at Baikal and was detained on his return to Moscow.

On July 31 Igor Tretyakov was arrested in Sheremetyevo, Interfax reported, citing his lawyer's wife. "As soon as Igor Anatolyevich and I descended the ladder from the plane at about 20:40, six men in civilian clothes approached us and asked my husband to follow them. I did not see him again, "said Ekaterina Tretyakova.

Igor Tretyakov was put on the wanted list in the case of embezzlement of funds in the NGO named after Lavochkin. Two other defendants - former general director of the NGO named after Lavochkin Sergey Lemeshevsky and head of the directorate of legal support for the association Ekaterina Averyanova - were arrested last week by the Babushkinsky court. All of them are charged part 4 of Art. 159 of the Criminal Code (especially large fraud). According to the investigation materials, top managers of NGOs, "contrary to the legitimate interests of the enterprise", without a tender, concluded contracts with the Tretyakov and Partners law firm. Realizing that lawyers do not provide services, the defendants nevertheless paid the amounts specified in the contracts, "guided by personal self-interest".

Mr. Lemeshevsky and Ms Averyanova did not admit guilt on the interrogations. They said that it was about minor violations in civil transactions that deserved disciplinary punishment.

Prizes to lawyers were actually paid, but nobody had any intention to steal.

At the same time, the company "Tretyakov and Partners" issued a statement stating that Igor Tretyakov and his family are in Irkutsk, where a Baikal Jet Fest is held on Lake Baikal from July 25 to 29, 2018. The trip was planned in mid-June. At the same time, it was noted that "Igor Tretyakov is ready to cooperate with the investigation, is available through means of communication, is ready at any time to provide all necessary information and, if necessary, to interrupt his vacation." The lawyer himself reported that he was counting on the fact that the court would not imprison him.